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I moderated a panel at a conference on Violence in the Workplace held at University Park, PA, March 1996


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I chaired a panel on Liberty, Identity and the State: Comparing American Extremists, at the meeting of the Organization of American Historians in Indianapolis, IN, April 1998


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Panelist for symposium on issues relating to Internet crime, Lycoming College. Williamsport, PA, October 2001


Pennsylvania - The Awful Warning, Keynote Address, Pennsylvania Historical Association, Johnstown, PA, October 2001


Go and Sin No More: Therapy and Exorcism in the Rhetoric of Deviance, American Society of Criminology, Atlanta, November, 2001


I was the subject of an Author meets Critics session on Philip Jenkins as Social Constructionist, at the American Society of Criminology, Atlanta, November, 2001


New Images of the Serial Killer in Popular Culture, Far Western Popular Culture Association, Las Vegas, NV, February 2002.


The Rhetoric of Generational Threat, Conference on the Reagan Presidency, University of California at Santa Barbara, March 2002


Participant in Jihad For Knowledge, panel on interfaith relations, sponsored by the Cathedral Heritage Foundation, Louisville, Kentucky, April 2002


Participant in panel on The Three Kingdoms and the New British History, Keough Institute for Irish Studies, Notre Dame University, May 2002


After Father Geoghan: The Lessons of the Clergy Abuse Cases, Invited lecture to Conference on Victimization of Children and Youth, University of New Hampshire, Portsmouth, NH, August 2002


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Panelist, author meets critic session, discussing Paul Freston's book Protestant Political Parties, Association for the Sociology of Religion, Philadelphia, August 2005


Respondent to Bas Van Os, on Mathematical Models of Early Christianity, Society of Biblical Literature, Washington DC, November 2006


Women Reading the Bible in the Global South, Comparative Literature Lunch, Penn State University, December 2006


The Religious Agendas of the Da Vinci Code, Medieval Conference on The Grail, the Quest, and the World of King Arthur, University Park, PA, March 2007


Discussant for panel on “War on the Home Front”, Society for Military History, Frederick MD, April 2007


Failure To Launch: Why Some Social Issues Fail To Generate Moral Panics. American Sociological Association, New York City, August, 2007


 ‘Black Gangs’: The Perils of Counter-Subversion, Colloque on Mimicry in Civil Wars: The Strategic Use of Identity Signals, College de France, Paris: December 2007


Islam and the Future of Europe (with George Weigel), Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington DC, February 2008


Islamic Europe or Euro-Islam? Workshop on Institutionalization and Representation of Religion, Berlin, Germany, June 2008


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Religious America and Secular Holland: Future Trends, Conference on Four Centuries of Dutch-American Relations, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2009.


The Futures of Christianity, Svenska Kyrkans Forskardagar, Teologiska Högskolan Stockholm, Sweden, December 2009.


Discussant, Conference on New Religious Histories: Rethinking Religion and Secularization in 20th Century Ukraine and Russia, Penn State University March 2010.


Have the Culture Wars Gone Global? The Faith Angle: Conference on Religion, Politics and Public Life, South Beach, FL, March 2010, at,pubID.4121/pub_detail.asp


Religious Authority and the Challenges of Modernity, The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Building Bridges Seminar, Georgetown University, May 2010.


The Bible in a Changing Christian World, keynote lecture at United Bible Societies World Assembly, Seoul, Republic of Korea, September 2010.


The Globalization of Christianity, Keynote lecture at conference on Our Common Future, Essen, Germany, November 2010.


The Other Camp of the Saints:  Comparing Christian and Muslim Narratives of Global Expansion in the Modern Era, American Society of Church History, Boston, MA, January 2011


Chair and Discussant, Panel on Class Culture and Gender, Conference on Bringing Stratification Process Back In To The Scientific Study Of Religion, Penn State University, May 2011


David P. Hughes, Jennifer Trinitapoli, and Philip Jenkins, A Plague On Both Your Houses: The Intersection Of Infectious Disease, City Dwelling And Religious Belief, 13th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology, Tübingen, Germany, August 2011


Eight Lessons from the History of Terrorism, Conference on The Future of Terrorism II, University Park, PA October 2011


I participated in a panel on Confronting Islamophobia at the annual conference of the American Academy of Religion, held in San Francisco, November 2011. I also chaired a panel at this conference on Global Charismatic and Pentecostal Healing.


Evangelicals, Pentecostals, and Charismatics, International Conference on New Religious Movements as a Challenge for the Catholic Church, organized by the German Bishops' Conference, Rome, Italy, April 2013.


Christianity and World History, Wilberforce Weekend (Colson Center), Arlington VA, April 2013.


Out of the Past: Child Abuse in Religious Settings, STAND conference for North American Mission Leaders, Dallas TX, September 2013.


From Wittenberg to Lagos: The Sixteenth Century Reformation and Modern-Day Global Christianity, at Protestantism? Reflections in Advance of the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, 1517-2017, Gordon College, Mass., November 2013.


Faiths at War, Custodire l’umanità: verso le periferie esistenziali, Assisi, Italy, November 2013



Culture and Faith, Napa Institute, Napa CA, July 2014


The Middle East: Violence and Religion, St. Vincent's College, Latrobe PA, February 2015.


The Great and Holy War, Berry College, Rome GA, February 2015.


Houston’s Nigerian Churches, (Read on my behalf), Texas State Historical Association, Corpus Christi, TX, March 2015


The Image of God in Global Faith, Wheaton Theology Conference, Wheaton IL, April 2015. This was also Wheaton College’s McManis Lecture.


Demographics and Global Faith, Christian Scholars Conference, Abilene TX, June 2015. My work was also the subject of two panels at this event.


Religion, Violence and Scripture, Chautauqua, NY, July 2015.


The Demographic Dimension of Global Christianity, Commemorative Conference on the Basel Mission 1815-2015, Basel, Switzerland, September 2015.


Godless Europe? ISR End of Religion symposium, National Press Club, Washington DC, November 2015.


Christianity, Islam and Holy Wars, at conference on Mere Anglicanism: The Cross and the Crescent, Charleston SC, January 2016


The Last Holy War? Teach-in on the First World War, University of Oklahoma, Norman OK, March 2016


It's Bigger on the Inside: Decline, Growth and Transformation in Contemporary Religion, Society of Christian Philosophers, Pacific Division, San Diego CA, March 2016


Faculty Mentor, Sixth Enoch Graduate Seminar, Austin, TX, May 2016


Conversation on Global Trends: New Demographics and their Implications, Pew Foundation, Washington DC, July 2016.


Childhood’s End, Inklings Society, Oxford England, July 2016.


Fertility and Faith, Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies, Waco, TX, October 2016.


The Western Frontier: Euro-Islam and the Remaking of Global Faith, Missiology Lectures, Fuller Seminary, Pasadena CA, November 2016.


Panel on The Anglican Communion and the First World War, Chair and Discussant, North American Conference on British Studies, Washington DC, November 2016.


Secular Europe? Texas Baptists Annual Meeting, Waco TX, November 2016.


Discussant, Panel on New Testament Apocrypha, Society of Biblical Literature, Boston, MA, November 2017


Discussant, Conference on Orthodoxy, Politics and the Split Between the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, Penn State University, March 2019






A Little Leaven: From Mass Church to Creative Minority in Contemporary Europe, Symposium on Secularization and Revival, October 2009.


Reading the Bible in the Global South, Willson-Addis Lecture, George W. Truett Theological Seminary, March 2010


BRICs of Faith, October 2010


I co-organized the conference The King James Bible and the World It Made 1611-2011, which was held at Baylor University in April 2011. I also presented a plenary lecture at this event entitled Regions Luther Never Knew: Ancient Books in a New World


Laying Down the Sword, February 2012


A Critic in the Desert: Robert Browning and the Limits of Plain Historic Fact, Conference on The Cross and the Book, February 2012


 Remember Waco! The Disaster in Politics and Popular Culture, Conference on Reflecting on an American Tragedy, April 2013


Angels and Horsemen: The Great War as an Apocalyptic Struggle, Remembering Armageddon: Commemorating the First World War, March 2014


Prophetic Neighbors: Barth, Jung and Steiner in WW1 Switzerland, Modernism Seminar, April 2014


Where Have All The Cultists Gone? Debate with Gordon Melton, CESNUR conference on New Religious Movements, June 2014


I co-organized the Baylor University conference on Faith and Film, held at that university in October 2014, and chaired two sessions at the event


Godless Europe? At End of Religion symposium, May 2015


Looking East, Conference on the Syriac Christian Churches, April 2016


Merchants of Death and Dreams of Peace. Conference on For God and Country: The First World War and the US, April 2017


Preaching and World Christianity, Symposium on God’s Word and Our Words, Truett Seminary, September 2017


Panelist, Seminar on Centennial of Russian Revolution, October 2017


Chair, session at The Bible and the Reformation, October 2017


Katherine Bowen’s Nightmare, lecture delivered at panel on Puritans, Baptists and the Powers of Darkness, April 2018


Climate History and Christian History, presented at IFL conference on Stewardship of Creation, October 2018


Chair, Session at conference on Billy Graham, November 2018


The Armistice: Myth and Memory, presented at the Mayborn Museum, Waco, November 2018


Synthetic Panics: White Zombies, Cyborgs, and the Making of a Drug Crisis, Modern/Contemporary Seminar, February 2019


US History Since 2000, Brown Bag Lunch Presentation, History Department, April 2019


Fertility, Faith, and the Limits of Evangelical Growth in Latin America, Conference on History of Latin American Evangelicalism, ISR, Baylor University, October 2020


Fertility and Faith, in Readers Meet the Author: A Virtual Reading Group for Baylor Faculty,  February 2021



In addition to these lectures and seminars, I have also spoken frequently in different venues in the US and overseas, chiefly on aspects of global Christianity, and the expansion of Christianity in the global South. Since 2002, I have given about 150 such lectures.