Donald C. Hambrick
Doctoral Students Supervised



Professional Activities and Awards

For MBA & EMBA Students:

For Researchers & Doctoral Students:

For Executives:

Penn State University
Student (Year) Current Employer
M.K. Chin (2014) Indiana University
Timothy Quigley (2011) University of Georgia
Adam Wowak (2011) University of Notre Dame
Arijit Chatterjee (2009) ESSEC
Guoli Chen (2008) INSEAD
Craig Crossland (2008) University of Notre Dame
Columbia University
Eric Jackson (2002) Ironfire Capital
Kristin Stucker (2001)  
Theresa Cho (1999) Seoul National University
Mathew Hayward (1999) University of Colorado
Sylvia Black (1997)  
John Michel (1995) University of Notre Dame
Marta Geletkanycz (1994) Boston College
Albert Cannella (1991) Texas A&M University
Sara Baumrin (1990)  
Sydney Finkelstein (1988) Dartmouth College
Richard D'Aveni (1987) Dartmouth College
Diana Day (1986) Rutgers University
Ricardo Barbosa (1985) Sao Paolo, Brazil
Jorge Vasconcellos e Sa (1984) Lisbon Technical University



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