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Charles J. Ammon
Professor of Geosciences

Department of Geosciences
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Students & Post Doctoral Research Lists

Current Students

  Chengping Chai Ph.D. Lithospheric Imaging.
  Rhiannon Vieceli M. Sc. Earthquake Processes.
  Jonas Kintner Ph.D. Earthquake Processes.
  Trey Stoner B. Sc. OBS Receiver Functions.
  Dominic Pimpinella B. Sc. Eastern U.S. Earth Structure.

Prior Students

  Mike Cleveland Ph.D. Fault rupture segmentation, 2013
  Kara Cahoon B.Sc. Historical seismicity and earthquake dynamics along the Kuril-Kamchatka, Tonga-Kermedec, and Solomon Islands subduction zones, 2012
  Vicki Miller Ph.D. Earthquake locations and faulting mechanisms beneath Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat (with Barry Voight), 2011.
  Elizabeth Desser M.Sc. Anisotropy beneath the Tibetan Plateau: A survey of shear-wave splitting analyses, 2011
  Samuel Bydlon B.Sc. Do Earthquakes on large strike-slip faults follow a Gutenberg Richter Distribution? (Sam worked with Greg Beroza and Bill Ellsworth on a SCEC internship), 2011
  Jon Marin B.Sc. Haiti Aftershock Relocation using the Double-Difference Method and General Factor Analysis of Earthquake Fatalities, 2011
  Abdul Haleem Arbi B.Sc. Rupture Characteristics of the 3 January 2009 Papua, Indonesia Earthquake Doublet, 2011
  So-Young Baag B.Sc. Rupture processes of the 20 March 2008, Mw 7.1, Yutian (Xinjiang-Xizang border region) earthquake in the northern Tibetan Plateau, 2010
  Winchelle Sevilla Ph.D. Three dimensional P-wave velocity structure under the Philippine Island Arc, 2010
  Sarah Barrett M. Sc. Observation and analysis of repeating earthquakes beneath the Aceh Basin, northern Sumatra, 2010
  Ryan Modrak B.Sc. A grid-search algorithm for earthquake location and uncertainty analysis applied to a challenging volcanic environment, 2008
  Minoo Kosarian Ph.D. Lithospheric structure of north Africa and western Eurasia, 2006
  Tom Vandemark M.Sc. Moderate and Large Earthquake Activity Along Oceanic Transform Faults, 2006
  Monica Maceira Ph.D. Surface Waves, Earth Structure, and Seismic Discrimination, 2006
  Eliana Arias M.Sc. Short Period Surface-Wave Tomography beneath the central and eastern Tibetan Plateau, 2003
  Theresa Diehl B.Sc. Determining crustal structure beneath the Tibetan Plateau using receiver functions, 2003
  Jorge Mejia Ph.D. Lithospheric Structure Beneath the Tibetan Plateau Using Simultaneous Inversion of Surface Wave Dispersion and Receiver Functions, 2001
  Brett Ketter M.Sc. Seismic Velocity Structure of Central Asia From Surface Wave Dispersion, 1999
  Rommel Villagomez M.Sc.

The 1995 Macas Earthquake Sequence, Ecuador: Brittle failure of a flower structure, 1999

  Juan Pablo Ligorria Ph.D. An Investigation of the Mantle-Crust Transition Beneath North America & Poisson's Ratio of the North American Crust, 2000

Post Doctoral Researchers

  Jordi Julia 2001-2003 Penn State
  Tao Ming Chang 1998 Saint Louis University

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