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Penn State 'Home' page.

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So Penn State is going to update its web presence, starting with the Home Page.

This has got me thinking.

My first thought is that the phrase 'home page' does not properly reflect what it is.  When I think of home, I think of a destination, a place I want to be at, stay at, reside, etc.

A 'home' page would then be the place on a web site that is a visitor's final goal.  And that's not really the case here...  

We need to really call it a landing page.  Think about airports.  No one flies to an airport just to live there. The purpose of an airport is not to be a final destination, but is either an interim location to fly to another airport or the place you leave, via other transportation, to actually go 'home'.

In my mind that changes what needs to be on a landing page.  Any information which is does not provide a means for a visitor to reach their final destination is unhelpful.

For example, when was the last time you clicked on a web site's copyright notice?  What use is that to a visitor?  Do they really care about it? 

Sure it does not take up much space, but when you add more and more items which don't take up much space..  well, then they are.

So why not hide items like that.. say place them all in a hidden bar at the bottom of the page that does not appear until moused over?  It might unclutter the page a bit.

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