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Adding dropdown menus in Drupal

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This is a nice article about adding Superfish dropdown menus to any Drupal theme.

Drupal Tips

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Some quick Drupal tips.

  1. Never hack core! Do not ever modify any of the files that come with the default Drupal install.  This includes the styles...
  2. Never use Garland.  The style was ported from D5 so its a poor place to start in creating a subtheme or new theme.  Use Zen or other style as a base.
  3. Never use user #1.  When Drupal is installed there are two default users, the anonymous user #0 and the administrator user #1.  User #1 should not be used for a general log in since it has full permissions for everything.  It should only be used for admin purposes...
  4. Learn Taxonomy.  There are a lot of uses and power with properly created taxonomies and its difficult to fix once you are up and running.
  5. Learn Views & CCK. You can do just about anything with these two modules.  And since fields(CCK) are coming to D7, you'll need to learn them anyway.

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