Univ. of Colorado goes Drupal

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Wow...  first time I have seen Drupal used in such a big way at a university...

It is not used through the whole site but it looks like they have peeled off a number of the upper layers and placed them into Drupal.

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It's a lot more prevalent than you might first think. I sent this link to a few co-workers last week when they wanted to see some examples of it used in Education http://drupal.org/search/node/university+category%3A25

So far I think Colorado is the first time I have seen it used for a university home page at a school that size...


There's a big Drupal push at your university too :)


The entire college is moving towards Drupal, all web courses are drupal, all sites off elearning.psu.edu are drupal sites.

Cool.. hopefully we can get a Drupal user group going soon...

Also, I used to live in the Arts & Arch Interest House back in the 80's..


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