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Drupal redux

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I've made more progress with the Drupal migration at f1m.com .  It has been a bit tricky and I've managed to make a mess of a couple things, but all in all, I've been pretty happy.

One of the best things about Drupal is the modules...  there are tons.  This is great, but can be a bit confusing.  Within the first few days of moderated user registration going live, I had a couple bots come through trying to create accounts.  Hunting through the modules, I found a really nice Captcha module which I set up and had running in 10 minutes.  So far, its caught about a dozen bots.

One of the trickier things with running Drupal had to do with the move to the new server.  It is running PHP in a different mode that the old server... This meant that any file created by, uploaded by, or moved by Drupal was owned by the UNIX apache user and group.  Which meant my account can't do anything with it.  Of course, some of the moved files from the old server, which would have been owned by apache had it been a fresh install of Drupal, were owned by my account.  This caused a little set up problem.

It took a while to figure out that this is a security feature since Apache can only modify those files it owns which does not include the PHP Drupal files...  It does make dealing with things like uploaded images more problematic, but there is a little PHP trick that can be used to 'chmod' the files into a more useable state.

Drupal migration

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I finally migrated my .com web site from Post-Nuke to Drupal 5.  I think everything went OK with only a few minor glitches.  I managed to get the user accounts, posts, comments, and categories moved over using bits of various scripts I found, plus a few I rewrote.

I think it might have been a little easier had I started with a completely fresh Drupal install - I was doing some testing before I did the migration and had done a little work on the site theme.

Next up is moving over information (the FAQ and Reviews) that had no SQL script.  I'm doing the FAQ by hand since that is a separate Drupal module, but it should be easy to write a small script to move over the reviews.  They are just a title, body text, and author information.

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