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Oracle Application Express (APEX)

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Been testing Oracle APEX for a couple weeks. Built a little test web app.

It is.... interesting.

I was able to duplicate an existing app I (re)wrote pretty quickly... like 75% of the functionality in about 15 minutes. The other 25% took about a day - once I figured out how to set up a sequence and trigger correctly. Although, I am not quite sure how I got it to work.

The original app took a number of weeks to do...

The template system is a little messy. It can accept custom CSS style sheets, but can only edit them if they are not too big. But I don't know what 'big' means for APEX. The default style I used actually has an error in the CSS, but I fixed it and pointed the template to the new CSS file.

The CSS is heavily overloaded and its not exactly reusable since its classes are tied to the existing template elements like menus, breadcrumbs, etc. The templates rely on tables so a lot of the CSS is being applied to TD.classname or TH.classname styles. To rework everything with DIVs would be mesy.

I don't like the fact that any uploaded images and CSS are referenced the same, i.e. in #WORKSPACE_IMAGES#. Kinda confusing IMHO.

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