New Mac?

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I really need to buy a new Mac to replace my aging G4 PowerBook, but am somewhat stumped. I'm thinking about a new iMac because it would be useful as a media player, but I might miss the portability of a MacBook...

I'm also not sure about the new screens in the iMacs, I've heard issues about the quality and differences between the 20' and 24' models. I wish they came with the nice LCD backlights like the MBPros...

The G4 PB is still useful, but the hard disc is pretty small and I need more processor power...


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The 20" iMac is amazing. I set one up at work the other day, and was blown away by the video quality. In fact, it made my 19" widescreen monitor (which was right next to it) look like a dingy old child's toy. My boss -- who is not a Mac fan -- even commented on it.

I use a 24" one for all my design work and its beautiful, I used to be a windows fan but when I saw it I was converted. I know its not supposed to be about looks with computers but they do look great!

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