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Fat Old Sun

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Another classic blog post from August 10, 2006...

I said I would write up some things about my time in Mississippi, so here goes....


I had to start somewhere so I figure I would begin with something fairly innocuous...

Brand new me...

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I saw a new term today - Identity 2.0.

Described as a,

User-controlled, open Internet Identity; Thomas Huhn pointed out that "forming your online identity, controlling what personal data you give to whom and aggregating all your and your environments lifestreams in an open social network is simply essential for the further development of the web." We're seeing this develop now (it's sometimes referred to as, you guessed it, Identity 2.0), but the scenario Thomas described is 5+ years into the future.

Which might be a useful thing. Then I thought what if my Identity 2.0 turned out to be a real jerk....

Sit Down, Stand Up (Snakes & Ladders)

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From my old blog, August 22, 2006

I recently did something I have never before done in the forty years of my existence on the planet Earth. And while I have accomplished much over that time - navigating the complicated path of a Physics Ph.D., moving halfway across the country twice, buying my first automobile over the Internet, sight unseen, and attempting to purchase decent Mexican food in central Pennsylvania - I have never before been so daunted by a quest before. A quest that upon its completion finally establishes me as a fully grown adult.

I bought a new sofa...

New Hat

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Today's new Hat...


HDTV on your Mac

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This link - - shows you how to connect your Mac to a digital cable box (like the ones Comcast uses in State College) to watch TV, including HDTV, on your Mac.

It does work... very cool


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Something cool?

Or not?

New Mac?

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I really need to buy a new Mac to replace my aging G4 PowerBook, but am somewhat stumped. I'm thinking about a new iMac because it would be useful as a media player, but I might miss the portability of a MacBook...

I'm also not sure about the new screens in the iMacs, I've heard issues about the quality and differences between the 20' and 24' models. I wish they came with the nice LCD backlights like the MBPros...

The G4 PB is still useful, but the hard disc is pretty small and I need more processor power...


First Test Entry

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Let's see how this works...


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