Two More Gone; IPv4 address space now at 5.5%

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Yesterday, the IANA allocated two IPv4 blocks (49/8 and 101/8) to the Asia-Pacific registry.

The IANA IPv4 pool has just 5.5% free. If you exclude the 5 block final-allocation reserve, the pool is at 3.5% (just 9 /8s).

If you haven't already started your IPv6 deployment, you're already behind.

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Michiel said:

Hello Derek,

I don't think one should substract the "last 5" blocks from the remaining pool when expressing the percentage. Also, there is the "various" pool which according to Geof Huston ( amounts to some 7,5 /8 blocks. When we add that, there is 8,3% free.

Not that it matters. One thing is for sure, the IPv4 address space is running out in the next two years. I am nagging my ISP at regular intervals, but they keep responding with something to the effect of "no priority". :-(

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