Microsoft and DHCPv6

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Today, Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Vista and Windows 2008. There's a noteworthy IPv6 bugfix in SP2 regarding DHCPv6. Vista probably has the best DHCPv6 support of any OS I've used (in that its DHCPv6 client actually works and doesn't require extensive, manual configuration).

It does have one bug: It mangles DNS search domain lists (e.g., ",,"). Windows 2008 SP 1's DHCPv6 server malforms the list, and Vista SP1 expects the list to be malformed. Things work fine if you have Microsoft DHCPv6 software everywhere, but in mixed environments, the DNS search domains will get broken.

This is fixed in SP2 for Windows 2008 and Vista. Happy patching.

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anonymous said:

What about Dibbler? That is a very nice implementation for XP and Linux.

Derek Morr Author Profile Page said:

I've tried Dibbler. I have the same issues with Dibbler that I have with ISC, WIDE, and RedHat's DHCPv6 clients:

* They're usually not installed by default.
* You have to manually configure them.

I don't understand why I have to create a config file telling the DHCPv6 clinet to run in stateful or stateless mode on interface X, when the RA has this information in it.

Contrast this with the Vista and Solaris 10 approach. If they get an RA with the M or O flag set, they automatically start the client and do the right thing. THere's no software to install, no configuration needed. It just works.

My only issue with the Solaris 10 client is that it lacks helper scripts to configure anything beyond the address.

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