September 6
My homepage has been moved from TAPIR server to Physics and Astronomy department server today.
August 24 ~ August 25
I will move to Baltimore to start my new position as a postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Astrophysical Sciences, Johns Hopkins University.
8/24 - 8/25 LAX (10:39pm) - BWI (06:36am)
July 24 ~ August 17
Munich, Germany and Copenhagen, Denmark
7/23 - 7/24 LAX (9:05pm) - MUC (5:25pm)
7/24 - 8/7 Max-Planck-Institut fur extraterrestrische Physik, Garching, Germany
8/7 MUC (1pm) - CPH (2:30pm)
8/8 - 8/17 Dark cosmology center, University of Copenhagen
(8/8 - 8/12) DEUS: Current and Future Challenges of the Dark and Early Universes
8/17 CPH (7:45am) - LHR (10:25am) - LAX (1:34pm)
July 27
I have just submitted a paper with Fabian and Chris to arXiv! In this paper, we have calculated the galaxy power spectrum on very large scales, scales near the horizon. On those large scales, gneral relativistic effect is important and has to be taken into account. This was also a subject of my talk in the non-Gaussianity conference in last May at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Why does it take two months to finish up? Because we have much more to say to clarify the issues! We hope that everything becomes clear in this paper!! :)
June 20 ~ July 11
6/20 - 06/21 LAX (07:53am) - SFO - ICN (02:55pm)
6/23 - 6/25 Haeun-dae, Busan, Korea
International workshop on "String Theory and Cosmology"
6/27 - 7/9 Korea Institute for Asvanced Study, Seoul, Korea
(6/27 - 7/1) First WKYC - Future of Large Scale Structure Formation
07/11 ICN (04:50pm) - SFO - LAX (03:57pm)
May 19
Two of my papers with Vincent and Fabian are out to arXiv (1, 2) today. In paper 1, we have presented the new formula for the scale dependent bias from general primordial non-Gaussianity models. And in paper2, we compare it to the N-body simulations of 1) gNL model, 2) otrhogonal model, and 3) scale dependent fNL model, and show that the new formula can actually explain the discrepancies we have seen thus far between high-peak theory and N-boy simulations. If you are working on the non-Gaussianity model, you must use the new formula!
May 18 ~ May 21
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
05/18 LAX (07:50am) - IAD - SCE (06:52pm)
5/19 - 5/20 HETDEX spring meeting
05/21 SCE (06:00am) - IAD - LAX (11:07am)
May 12 ~ May 16
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
05/12 LAX (11:24am) - DTW (06:48pm)
5/13 - 5/15 Cosmological Non-Gaussianity: Observations Confront Theory Workshop
05/16 DTW (12:15pm) - LAX (02:13pm)
April 7
My paper with Fabian and Emiliano is out to arXiv today. This paper is about the non-Gaussian effect on the correlation of the non-linear tracers of the projected density field, e.g. peaks in weak lensing convergence field. The non-Gaussian effects on such kind of observables are suppressed compare to those of the non-linear tracers of three-dimensional density field due to projection: as long as the width of the projection kernel is greater than the correlation length (~55 [Mpc/h]), the non-Gaussianity signal is Gaussianized due to the central limit theorem (For those projections, we are basically stacking many 'uncorrelated' slab of 2D non-Gaussian density fields.). This is one of the importnt points of the paper, but it contains even more fruitful/interesting physics in it. You should read this!! :)
December 26 ~ January 14 (2011)
12/26 - 12/27 LAX (00:30am 26DEC) - INC (07:30am 27DEC)
12/28 VISA interview (2:00pm)
1/6 Korea Institute for Advanced Study (talk at 4pm)
1/10 - 1/12 Kyungpook National University
1/14 INC (4:30pm) - LAX (10:10am)