October 12 ~ October 15
University of California, Berkeley
10/12 AUS (9:06am)-SFO (11:00am)
10/13 Cosmology group seminar
1/15 SFO (11:40am)-AUS (5:05pm)
Jnue 7 ~ July 14
6/7 AUS(6:01)-SFO(11:20)-NRT(5:20)-INC(7:55)
6/16 INC-NRT
6/17 Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
6/22 ~ 6/26 IPMU (Institute for Physics and Mathematica of the Universe), Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan
IPMU international conference, Dark Energy: Lighting Up the Darkness
Poster presentation, Effect of non-linearities and non-Gaussianities on measuring cosmological distances
6/29 University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
7/1 Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan
7/3 Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
7/14 INC(11:05)-NRT(4:05)-SFO(11:20)-AUS(4:58)
May 23
Roh, Moo-Hyun, a former president of South Korea, committed suicide. He was the most esteemed president of South Korea, and was a true hero to me. Please rest in peace.

I think it is definitely political murder. I remember what they, the dirty Korean prosecutors, newspapers, broadcasting systems, did to him. Especially, I really do not want to forget about these people.
April 2
I've just uploaded my paper with Eiichiro to ArXiv. Title of that paper is Primordial non-Gaussianity, scale-dependent bias, and the bispectrum of galaxies. This paper means a lot to me because this is the first paper that I suggested. Yes, (after many ideas rejected by Eiiichiro) I finally got a publishable idea, and that idea comes out to be a real paper! This paper has big fun! If you are cosmologist, please read it. :)
March 12
Requested by readers, I upload the FORTRAN program I used to calculate the next-to-leading order power spectrum for Noh, Jeong & Hwang (2009). You can find it in the software menu.
February 25
My paper with Dr. Hyerim Noh and Prof. Jai-chan Hwang is out to arXiv.
In this paper, we show the large scale density power spectrum becomes negative when we included full general relativistic 3rd order correction. We choose temporal comoving gauge, and could not find any algebraic errors. If we are interested in the detail of calculation, please take a look at pdf note of Jai-chan and Hyerim. Is this feature real? or a gauge artifact? If you have any concern, please do not hesitate to contact us!
January 11 ~ January 17
Los Cabos, Mexico
1/12 ~ 1/16 Essential Cosmology for the Next Generation, Los Cabos, Mexico
1/12 Contributed talk, Perturbation Theory Reloaded
January 9
Inspired by Sehyun, I put my travel map onto the main page.
January 7
New menu of 'research' is included, and PDF resume for download, two notes are up. I know I update the homepage too frequently. However, I still cannot work efficiently during day time.
January 6
I include two contents in the menu : guest book and private notes.
Guest books are linked to my blog in egloos (Korean) and wordpress (English), so you can simply use leave a comment part. It is easier/safer than installing a private board.
Private notes are really private, and primarily for my own use. It also contains the drafts for my work in progress, so I do not want to disclose them. If you really want to see those notes, you can try to hack the UTdirect/webspace system. But, please don't do it. You will eventually see the notes as a form of my research paper in the future, anyway. I open few notes, which, I think, have no point to be secured, to public, but I am not 100% sure that it is error-free. So, if you find any error, please report to me.
January 5
My homepage is open!!
The behind story is following. My wife (Hyun Seol) and I came back to Austin from Korea five days ago (Dec. 31, 2008), and our life cycles are completely screwed up because of jet lag (-15hrs). I feel like my brain is simply a soft tofu, and, of course, could not concentrate on my work at all. Yes, I'd better not, if I do not want to generate stupid bugs in my code. Instead, I decided to make a personal homepage! I don't know why, but the idea suddenly came to me. Plus, Hyun Seol is an expert on making web-sites, so she taught me the basics of HTML language. Then, Here it is~!
For basic contents, I imitate the web-site of my adviser. Now I don't have to use his homepage for the quick links. ;) Although it is very primitive now, I am pretty sure it will be rich in the future.