Learning Design Summer Camp 08

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During the Learning Design Summer Camp the past few days there were lots of tips about creative ways of using technology. One of the best tips I got was from Stevie in her presentation on delicious and flickr, about searching flickr for photos that have Creative Commons licenses and using the photos in teaching materials. I frequently try to incorporate visual elements in to print or web-based teaching materials, but I hadn't thought of flickr as a source.

I also got some ideas for using blogs as professional development tools. I liked Cole's suggestion about using the tags on your blog to pull together information about presentations, conferences etc. when it's time for annual evaluations. There are lots of innovative ways of using blogs, but you can also just use a blog as a blog: a record of your ideas, accomplishments, and activities that you can easily go back to and sort through. And of course blog posts can turn into future presentations, articles, discussions....

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