Digital Picture Books

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I came across a couple sites recently that allow you to read digital picture books online, clicking through the book page by page. Of course, it's not quite the same as reading a real picture book, but the graphics are quite nice and you get a feel for the book. Then you can decide whether to buy the real thing.

These sites are a boon to librarians who select children's books (the paper kind) because you can see how the artwork and text work together, and get a sense of how the book would work in a group story time setting. I guess you could project the digital book onto a screen from a computer and read along as you click, but something would be lost...

International Children’s Digital Library

A virtual library of children's books in a host of languages from around the world.

Readers can rate the books, make comments, share books, and create a
bookshelf. Lookybook got a positive review in Publisher's Weekly.

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