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The clock in Old Main's tower.

This small image links to a very large set of images set up to display as one giant Penn State Halloween image. If you have a retina display, the images loading for you will be twice the resolution. It's a number of experiments rolled into one, and I appreciate the struggle you have to go through just to look.

First, the style is a new one for me. I think it's successful for the most part, but I swayed from my intended path in a few places. The image is actually constructed out of Photoshop shape layers that have bitmapped texture and shading layers clipped to the clean shapes. It makes it, well, not resolution independent in it's psd form, but very close. I'm thinking the style will be great for illustrations for children. Next, I wanted to test my new machine: the original file is just over a gig when opened. I'd say it's likely the most complex file I've generated in Photoshop- and the MacBook handled it very well. Finally I wanted to experiment with presentation. I think this shows real promise. The large image isn't something to view as a whole composition, but something to enter already zoomed in, and explored by scrolling around. Presenting it so browsers won't scale it was important- the image doesn't really work for me as a large composition. The idea works for me, but I'm not sure how it will work for others. I think kids could access it like a book at bedtime and parents could talk with them about the image as the kids scroll around. For my next image I'm thinking something that scrolls horizontally rather than vertically; possibly reproducible as a children's book across multiple pages, or as an iBook. Just on the web works, too- and I think it will be my primary focus. Maybe with little animated segments. A well formed manifest list so the files cache. It could be a lot of fun.

Considering the time I gave myself, I'm happy with the way it came out. Making it halloween focused gave me a solid deadline: it had to be posted before Halloween. That limited my going back in and tweaking over and over. I'm excited by the potential of this, too: Children's books, social commentary. It will be fun to see where it can go.

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March 27, symposium 2010.
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