who parked the **%#*& battleship on College Avenue?

The new paint on Hammond Building.

I loved the way the pink panels interacted with the browns and greens of the trees. The color was an indication of when Hammond building was built—the late 1950s—and was integral to it's authentic impact on our townscape. I thought the color was the result of a baked on polymer finish of some sort- it aged beautifully, softening gently as it acquired a natural patina.

Whatever the finish, it can obviously be painted to look inhospitable.


I was wondering if it is the final color or a primer?

A primer coat makes a bunch of sense. Thanks. I guess we'll see soon enough. Not the most important problem for sure- Maybe I'll take a minute to send a note to OPP? Hope they work late Friday afternoons...

I Just got word that the light gray is primer, the medium gray is finish coat and the panels will be stripped with a lovely muted brown final coat that was selected by Dr. Spanier. It should be going up soon.

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