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Java Applets

A series of Applets designed for introductory level Calculus courses. Over 30 different topics covered, including limits, secant lines, applications of derivatives, Riemann sums, applications of integrals, parametric equations, Taylor series and slope fields.

A collection of Applets that can be used to encrypt, decrypt and break messages using the Vigenere, Rectangular Transposition and Monoalphabetic Substitution cryptosystems.

A series of Applets used to introduce students to basic geometric constructions as well as several classic theorems. Covers Euclidean, hyperbolic and spherical geometries.

Graph Theory
A collection of Applets used to introduce the concept of planar graphs. Can you determine whether or not these graphs are planar?

Information Theory
Recreate Claude Shannon's classic experiment to calculate the entropy of the English language.

Parametric Equations
See parametric equations in action. Draw your favorite Spirograph, watch a cycloid be drawn, experiment with Bezier curves and surfaces or construct several different conic sections.

Probability and Statistics
Includes an introduction to discrete and continuous probability functions via roulette wheels, binomial and normal distributions using a Galton/Plinko/Quincunx board and a study of the Monty Hall and Gambler's Ruin problems.

Use this applet to help solve and create your own sudoku puzzles.

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