Study Abroad, Vietnam


Street food (fried donuts) in Ho Chi Minh City


Independence Palace / Reunification Palace

Where the presidents of South Vietnam lived, and where the war ended in 1975


Graham Greene's hotel



The group at Reunification Palace



Traditional Vietnam (on Cham Island)


Headed up Ba Na Hill (not really a hill, a mountain, and named for bananas as

the French who escaped the heat on it named the mountain because it had monkeys).



On top of Ba Na Hill


What used to be called China Beach, where the US Marines landed in DaNang


U.S. Marines land on the beach in 1965



Marble Mountain in Da Nang (not really a mountain, but a big hunk o' marble).


Me and lucky Buddha on Marble Mountain


Inside Marble Mountain


Ho Chi Minh City traffic



Wall of former U.S. Embassy in Saigon (today the U.S. Consulate site), where the helicopter evacuations took place.

I was not allowed to take a photo of the front down there.


Traditionally, beer is drunk from a bowl in Vietnam with a chunk of ice (as it is 110 degrees outside).


What I miss most from Vietnam is the food.



I ate chicken hearts. They were tasty! Finger lickin' good!



A big ol' bowl of pho, replete with pig knuckle and blood cake.


I still crave a Vietnamese breakfast. So very good.



Street in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)


The 400 year-old Japanese Bridge in Hoi An (big Japanese influence in this port city)


Having Vietnamese coffee in a street cafe in Da Nang


Vietnamese coffee -- cà phê sua dá -- which I learned to make for home!



You see images of Ho everywhere in Ho Chi Minh city.



Notre Dame Basilica in

Ho Chi Minh City -- the effects of French Imperialism



My dorm room accomodations in Da Nang



Break Dancing along the river at night in Da Nang



This shy little kid turned away before I could get a photo.

We tried talking with him.




Vietnam is gorgeous.



This was, actually, shortly before I thought I was going to die. Frightening ocean boat ride.

Ask me about it.




I'm too large for street tables.



The Vietnamese students, they were great!




Inside Marble Mountain, again. I loved that place.




A family restaurant in Hue.




Interesting, and very good food, in Hue.