Thinking Face Christopher Griffin
E-mail: griffinch "at" psu "dot" edu

I am a Research Professor at the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) at Penn State. In the broadest possible sense, my work is in applied dynamical systems and optimization. Some of my work is on applied statistics on (real-world) dynamical systems. Recently I've been focusing on evolutionary game theory as a way of studying complex systems.

From 2015 - 2017, I took a long break from ARL and taught at the United States Naval Academy. I also teach courses at Penn State in the Math Department. I am also pleased to advise students in the Harold and Inge Marcus Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering.

In the past, I was a Wigner Fellow in the Computational Sciences and Engineering Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

If you would like to access my teaching materials or information about my research (especially with students), use the menus to the left (they expand). Teaching materials are distributed under a creative commons license. I've posted the source for the lecture notes. If you want a paper that is not on ArXiv send me a note and I'll get it to you. You may also use ResearchGate.

Teaching - Fall 2021

  • Math 485 - Graph Theory (MWF 2:30P - 3:20P, Huck Life Sciences Bldg 011): No book will be required. We'll use my lecture notes.
  • Math 486 - Game Theory (MWF 9:05A - 9:55A, Thomas Bldg 215): No book will be required. We'll use my lecture notes.

Some Current Projects

I would like to gratefully acknowledge both the National Science Foundation and DARPA for funding my current work.