The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences

The following evaluation is a short way of pinpointing your dominate intelligences.
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Instructions: Answer each question honestly. Click on the appropriate button after each statement. After answering ALL questions, click on the Determine Intelligences button.

Roger's Indicator of Multiple Intelligences Questions
QUESTIONS Rarely Occassionally Sometimes Usually Almost Always
1. I am careful about the direct and implied meanings of the words I choose.
2. I appreciate a wide variety of music.
3. People come to me when they need help with math problems or any calculations.
4. In my mind, I can visualize clear, precise, sharp images.
5. I am physically well-coordinated.
6. I understand why I believe and behave the way I do.
7. I understand the moods, temperaments, values, and intentions of others, even when they are hidden.
8. I am intrigued by systems of classifying dinosaurs, plants, highways, birds, fishes, storms, or insects, etc.
9. I confidently express myself well in words, written or spoken, privately or publicly.
10. I understand the basic precepts of music such as rhythm, harmony, chords, and keys.
11. When I have a problem, I use a logical, analytical, step-by-step process to arrive at a solution.
12. I have a good sense of direction for north, south, etc.
QUESTIONS Rarely Occassionally Sometimes Usually Almost Always
13. I have skill in handling objects such as scissors, hammers, scalpels, paintbrushes, knitting needles, pliers, wrenches, toys, game pieces, etc.
14. My self-understanding helps me to make wise decisions for my life.
15. I am able to influence other individuals to believe and/or behave in response to my own beliefs, preferences, and desires.
16. I am a "born naturalist" and have always had high interest in and interaction with the natural world whenever and wherever I could.
17. I am grammatically accurate and sensitive.
18. I like to compose or create music or rhythms.
19. I am rigorous and skeptical in accepting facts, arguments, reasons, and principles.
20. I am good at putting together jigsaw puzzles, and reading instructions, patterns, or blueprints.
21. I excel in physical activities such as sports, dance, orienteering, riding horses, games, climbing, etc.
22. My ability to understand my own emotions helps me to decide whether or how to be involved in various situations.
23. I would like to be involved in "helping" professions such as teaching, therapy, or counseling, or to do work such as political or religious leadership.
24. I am very interested in things such as farming, gardening, hunting, fishing, bird-watching, forestry, and ranching.
QUESTIONS Rarely Occassionally Sometimes Usually Almost Always
25. I am able to use spoken or written words to influence or persuade others effectively.
26. I enjoy performing music, such as singing or playing a musical instrument for an audience.
27. I require scientific explanations of physical realities.
28. I can use graphs and maps easily and accurately.
29. I work well with my hands as would an electrician, seamstress, plumber, tailor, mechanic, carpenter, assembler, etc.
30. I am aware of the complexity of my own feelings, emotions, and beliefs in various circumstances.
31. I am able to work as an effective intermediary in helping other individuals and groups to solve their problems.
32. I respect studies such as oceanography, botany, entomology, herpetology, ornithology, and zoology.
33. I am sensitive to the sounds, rhythms, inflections, and meters of words, especially as found in poetry.
34. I have a strong sense of musical rhythm.
35. I would like to do the work of people such as chemists, engineers, physicists, astronomers, or mathematicians.
36. I am able to produce graphic depictions of the spatial world as in drawing, painting, sculpting, drafting, or mapmaking.
QUESTIONS Rarely Occassionally Sometimes Usually Almost Always
37. I relieve stress or find fulfillment in physical activities such as hiking, canoeing, walking, sports, or cycling.
38. My inner self is my ultimate source of strength, renewal, and motivation.
39. I understand what motivates others even when they are trying to hide their motivations.
40. As a child, I was fascinated with the insects, plants, birds, trees, snakes, frogs, flowers, leaves, lizards, bugs, snails, etc., in my natural environment.
41. I enjoy reading frequently and widely.
42. I have a strong sense of musical pitch.
43. I find personal satisfaction in dealing with numbers.
44. In my mind, I can see patterns and relationships. I can remember, imagine, and invent what things look like or might look like in reality.
45. I have quick and accurate physical reflexes and responses in recreation, games, dancing, etc.
46. I am confident in my own opinions and am not easily swayed by others.
47. I am comfortable and confident with groups of people in most circumstances.
48. I have a "green thumb" and am often a resource to others who care about the natural environment.
QUESTIONS Rarely Occassionally Sometimes Usually Almost Always
49. My "body language" is a vital method of communication.
50. I am affected both emotionally and intellectually by music of various kinds at different times.
51. I prefer questions that have definite "right" and "wrong" answers.
52. I can accurately estimate distances and other measurements.
53. I have accurate aim when throwing balls or in archery, shooting, golf, volleyball, tennis, etc.
54. My feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and emotions are my own responsibility.
55. I have a large circle of close associates.
56. I have or would like to have expertise in the recognition and classification of flora and fauna (plants and animals) and other things in my natural environment.

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