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Have you been terrified of snakes your whole life? is it a fear unexplainable but terrifying nonetheless? Well, genetics may be to blame for your fear of these reptiles. A new study is showing that the human brain may actually be programmed to be afraid of snakes!This study says that ALL humans may have this genetic fear of snakes due to our long evolutionary history that involved snakes preying on us humans.

The study comes from a tribe called the Agta 
Negritos in the Philippines. The author of the 
study, an anthropologist from Southern Methodist University, spent over 20 years with the tribe and was able to document their rivalry with the local pythons in their area. He uses his knowledge of the area to describe the history of humans and snakes. The study found that this fear is universal among humans but also a different type of fear compared to that fear gained when a robber holds a gun up to us. 

So next time you think its illogical for you to be afraid of snakes remember that it isn't! Because of evolution, history, and genetics none of us can help it we are all afraid of snakes. 


It really depends to me on whether i know that snake is dangerous or not. If it is not dangerous then i have no problem holding it. But if i know that it is poisonous then im just like hell no, get that away from me. But its interesting that its a universal fear and i feel better about myself.
Now this snake is scary

Although this blog post claims that humans are genetically afraid of snakes, do you believe it is possible humans can repel this fear? How does this article stand for humans who have no fear at all of snakes? Does this only apply to those with the fear, as a form of justification?

This finding is so interesting! I actually like snakes, but I obviously know they are dangerous. My mom is absolutely terrified of snakes so I am excited to tell her that is actually a genetic fear! Here's an article I found from LiveScience that talks more about why humans fear snakes.

This is interesting to read because I also did a blog post about how we fear things as well and I have to agree that we have been biologically programed to be afraid of some things in this world. it has been developed as a safety mechanism that kicks in to preserve the life of the human body as the brain sends these fear signals. So I agree that people can be afraid of snakes, or they can not as some are not really afraid. Different people have different fears. Here is my blog post dealing with the idea of fear:

Paige, after reading your blog it connected and made sense to me because I'm very afraid of snakes, well the dangerous kinds that can poison you and also eat you whole, that's very scary. I don't know but every time I think about snakes I think about the worst case possible and I never knew my brain was wired to think that way.

Brianna, I just thought about what you said about not being afraid of snakes, however your mother is and since this study said it's genetics, would that mean your mom shouldn't be afraid of snakes? Do you think it's more of a cultural thing than genetics?

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