Bipolar Disorder

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I find these blogs an opportunity to learn and really enjoy have a reason to research topics like this rather than just wasting time on the internet--although I probably do waste a bit of time being struck by other fun topics I could look into further. As the girlfriend of a man with bipolar disorder I feel obligated to learn more about what he is living with. I know that he has dealt with depression, was picked on when he was young, and has attempted suicide twice over the course of three years. I also know that he is one of the smartest, silliest, most kindhearted individuals. Having bipolar disorder for him feels like an adjective you may use to describe him, but I do not see it this way.

Bipolar disorder is described as mood changes from mania to depression. Mania is characterized as elevated moods where the individual experiences euphoria, is full of energy, talkative and a bit reckless. During mania people with bipolar disorder may take part in risky sexual behaviors or impulsive and lavish spending sprees. For some, the euphoria becomes more of a feeling of anger and irritation. Depression I am sure is more of a familiar topic to you and includes feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness.

BPD.jpgThese two poles are sometimes met by "normal" moods, but these periods of mania and depression can last anywhere from days to years. Depression is more common to last years than mania since mania can exhaust and mind and body. The mood changes from these extremes can be dangerous, but the time spent it each of these poles are just as unsafe. During periods of depression suicidal ideation and tendencies can occur which are life threatening. In mania the risky behaviors people take part in can end in a loss of money or harm. 

With medication, therapy and working towards control of symptoms and their body people with bipolar disorder can lead normal lives. Although this life is challenging, but surrounding themselves with supportive people and keeping a positive mental attitude they can get better. Exercising, eating well, sleeping regularly, and seeking help from professionals are all helpful when struggling with bipolar disorder. 


Bipolar disorder is a disorder that affects the mind and body, but it also effects those around you. The relationships built with people with bipolar disorder are challenging and can be draining at times. It is difficult to know when the individual will be more energized or more depressed and this can change from day to day. There are support groups and websites for families of bipolar individuals and therapy is recommend for those who may need it. As a major support system for my boyfriend I know how exhausting it can be, but to know how helpful making him laugh is, I try to enjoy it all.

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In junior hs i use to be a huge fan on Degrassi: The Next Generation. One of the characters on the show had bipolar disorder and coincidentally I had to do a paper about a disorder for one of my classes during this phase. Did you know many illness' mimick bipolar disorder.Some drugs for Parkinson's disease and even antianxiety drugs. However, I was most suprised when I learned vitamin B12 deficiency also can be mistaken for bipolar.
If the deficiency is not corrected, it can damage the nerve cells and include negative effects such as
numb fingers and toes as well as
difficulty walking,
mood changes/ depression,
memory loss, disorientation, and dementia.
This is a friendly reminder that getting different opinions by doctors can never hurt.

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