A Bracelet That Makes You Superman

If you play sports or observe those that do, you will probably notice that he or she is wearing some kind of bracelet. Maybe it looks like this:
The bracelet's manufacturer, Power Balance, says on its website that this powerful accessory will "push [you] beyond the 100% threshold and cross that line from competitor to champion." What is interesting is that nowhere on the website does it say how the band actually works. Indeed, in its FAQ section, it says "try it for yourself" when prompted "what does it do?"

To solve this puzzle, one can look to an article in the Chicago Tribune which explains how this band works. Apparently, the idea is embedded in the belief that we are surrounded by an electric energy field and the band can help us tap into it and become more than we ever were. Sounds crazy right? I think so.

The article continues to mention the placebo effect, which is an extraordinarily common and important idea in science. Basically, if you believe and have confidence that the Power Band will make you a better athlete, it will. However, if you put it on with an air of skepticism, it probably will not help you one bit.

It is curious how the inventors of this product have made millions off such an interesting concept. So what's the bottom line? There really is no scientific evidence that these bracelets work. It comes down to you and your personal belief. If you think it's going to work, it probably will. 


I have never heard of this bracelet before and this is so interesting! It seems totally useless if it only really works if you believe in it. I found an article where Power Balance actually admits that the bracelet is a scam. The company says that there is "no credible scientific evidence that supports their claims" and that means they engaged in misleading conduct. Therefore this bracelet can not really help you it is just to make money and trick people!

My little brother actually has one of these bracelets. All his younger friends all claim it works, but when I tried it, it did not work. I really think it is all in your head. Brittany's article is extremely accurate. I do however think if you believe enough it may possible help you.

I have seen people wearing these bracelets before and always wondered what they were worn for. Personally, I do no believe in the electric energy field theory presented in an article in the Chicago Tribune. I believe the placebo effect is a more reasonable explanation for how these bracelets work. However, I found an article that questions these bracelets and whether or not they really work.

The placebo effect is a really interesting concept, and I think it is fairly obvious that it is what is at play with these bracelets. What is most interesting though is that we have the power to do better than we think possible, but we think it is impossible which is why we cannot reach these goals with out something like a Power Balance bracelet. I found this article on New York Times' website and it discusses another way of deceiving athletes into pushing past their limits.


I have many friends that wear these bracelets- i have even seen some atheletes with them on. I dont personally believe that they help with performance in anyway, but if they make you believe that your performance is enhanced, and you actually perform better, I think they are a positive thing.

I found this video pretty humoring about the power balance bracelet

My buddy just got one of these bracelets about two months ago and despite his efforts he has thoroughly convinced me that it was a total waste of thirty bucks. We both lift and workout regularly together and while he is about two seconds faster then me (I'm fifty pounds heavier then him)and his speed has actually decreased slightly. He has seen no improvements during weight training either.

Here is a link to a site where you can blow ten more bucks the my friend on this worthless piece of junk.

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