Sesame Oil...Not just for Cooking


Sesame Oil...Not Just for Cooking

On my day off yesterday I turned the television on and came across the Dr. Oz Show. I have always been a fan of natural and homeopathic remedies instead o f being inclined to taking pharmaceutical drugs, which is the popular method. As I listened intently to all the organic antidotes being announced one in particular struck my interest, sesame oil. It seemed like an exaggeration of all the healing benefits of this simple plant-based product. Then I researched this topic and found even more benefits of this substance. So I'll be discussing the internal and external advantages when it comes to infants, teenagers, and elderly persons.

As a newborn, many precautions need to be taken in order to have healthy growth and development. Look no further than sesame oil. The external affects are that if massaged on the newborns body it can help protect their tender skin and defend against diaper rash caused by acidic wastes. Oil massages also help the baby with a healthy weight gain and increased body length. As for the internal benefits it aids in the development of the neurological system.

Going into adolescence can be a dreadful time.  At this age one experiences multiple stresses, blemishes, even high blood pressure due to the stress or possibly weight gain. Once again, sesame oil can provide both internal and external remedies to these problems.  For internal benefits, sesame oil has been able to alleviate people of stress because of the calcium in the oil. The oil has a high level of polyunsaturated fatty acids that, when rubbed on ones skin, will enter your blood stream and reduce LDL levels and promote an increase in HDL, while unblocking the arteries which causes high blood pressure. For external advantages, it can reduce blemishes, even eczema due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. The oil helps control the eruptions and neutralizes the poisons which develop on the surface and in the pores.

Onto middle age and elderly persons, sesame oil can improve many ailing body functions. Sesame oil contains zinc, calcium, copper, and vitamin E in one great product. The internal benefits are the same as above in its ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, however it also can help with the vascular as well as respiratory system because of its magnesium concentration. As for the external benefits the one major dilemma of aging persons are their loss of bone mass which may lead to osteoporosis and other joint and bone problems. The zinc promotes bone health while the calcium aids in osteoporosis.

So the next time you have an ailment and think about calling your local health care professional, look in your kitchen cabinet for some sesame oil. Stay Healthy!

white sesame seeds.jpgSesame Oil tested on Blood Pressure

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