STS497D: Projects in Sustainable Living

Summer Session 1: May 17-June 25,2004
12:45pm-4:45pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
Schedule #389884

Fall 2004
1:25 pm - 4:25 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays
Schedule #392092

The course engages students in hands-on projects relating to various aspects of sustainable living - ecological food production (e.g. biointensive mini-farming); “green” building methods (e.g. plastered strawbale or light clay construction); alternative energy production (e.g. wind power, photovoltaics, etc.); passive solar heating (e.g. with thermal mass, thermosiphons, solar hot water heaters); “living machines” for treating wastewater (now referred to as Advanced Ecologically Engineered Systems - or AEES); alternative community design; conflict resolution and community-building skills; and healthy food/personal health. A key aspect of this course is reconnecting with the natural world on which all of human life ultimately depends, and learning to work WITH, rather than AGAINST, Nature.

  • Fall 2004 Syllabus

  • See Fall 2004 Syllabus for Project and Topic listings

  • Regarding the 1-3 credits
    This is a 3-credit course that meets 6 hours per week and requires some outside reading; if you cannot afford to pay for or take 3-credits for whatever reason, you are still expected to attend all of the classes for the full 3 hours. The course is peppered with field trips for which it will be necessary to carpool, so it is not possible to cater to those who wish to attend for less than the scheduled 3 class hours each on Tuesday and Thursday.
    Please discuss this further with me on an individual basis if need be.

  • Regarding General Education Requirements
    We can petition for this course to meet Gen Ed requirements for the Natural Sciences. Please discuss this with the instructor.