Ecological Design of Buildings

Green Building
Building with Papercrete and Paper Adobe
Eco-design of Homes and Buildings Directory
The Department of Energy’s Green Buildings Success Stories: The Plymouth Institute in Wisconsin

The Ultimate in Eco-design: Living Machines and Technologies,
Naturally engineered ecosystems can be harnessed to treat our wastewater and refresh our air!

Ocean Arks International: Living Machines for Wastewater Treatment
Breathing Walls to Purify Air: Research
Breathing Walls to Purify Air: Initial Development of the Technology

Holistic Design: The Knapp’s Favoite Links get you just about EVERYWHERE.
Topics include: Books & Magzines for sustainable living; renewables organizations, dealers & manufacturers; energy efficient appliances; alternative transportation; bio-diesel fuels; earthen shelter (cob, strawbale, adobe, thatch, Earthships); sustainable/intentional communities; Solar homes; Composting toilets; Organic/bio stuff; vegetarian info; rural properties; alternative medicine; discussion groups & more!

The Knapp’s Favorite Links

Eco-Village Design: Attempts to find better ways of arrangeing our homes in better harmony with Nature.

The Eco-Village Network
EcoVillage at Ithaca
New Eco-Village in Colorado
An Eco-Village Training Center in Ontario, Canada
The Damanhur Community in Italy
Donella Meadows’ Sustainability Institute

Co-housing: a subsidiary of Eco-Village design:

Cobb Hill Co-housing Community in Vermont
The Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Community forming in Gettysburg, PA
Cohousing Resources