Regenerative Agriculture and Healthy Food Production

Based upon the loss of not only many non-renewable resources, but also of renewable plant-based ones, the Center for Sustainability questions the state of our current food production methods and explores alternatives which will restore, rather than destroy, our home, Earth.

A friend of mine from India once commented that in India, people live in simple homes with simple clothing, few possessions and often, not even one car, yet they spend most of their income and time on food. Food is very valuable in India. He noted, that it was the complete reverse in the U.S.: we’ll put all of our money into clothing, homes, cars and possessions, yet we demand cheap food and do not value it in terms of nutrition or worth our time to prepare.

Some of the links below address some of our food concerns and solutions, as well as the people who have the guts to champion what appears to be the better, more ethical way.

First, we have the very inspiring story of Martha Crouch , a Professor of Biology at Indiana University in Bloomington, who took a stand about what her research was being used for.

The Pure Food web site presents interesting information on everything from irradiated foods to Bovine Growth Hormone and GM foods. Lots of interesting info there.

Consumer Reports on Genetically-altered Foods!

Biodynamic Agriculture: Biodynamics Now , and the MidAtlantic Biodynamics Conference ,

John Jeavons’ Biointensive Mini-Farming at Ecology Action, in Willits, CA

Trees for Life non-profit tree-planting organization.