Final Notice and Program Revisions

The Bios Materials Research Group at Penn State

Invites your participation in a 1-Day Symposium on

The Role of E&M and Water in Health: Scientific exploration of devices used in health and healing, and how we can quantify and utilize “healing” energy.


19 August 2004

at the

Pennsylvania State University

Room 189 Materials Research Laboratory

University Park, PA 16802


Background:  There has been an explosive increase in the number of unconventional electromagnetic devices entering the market that purport to address a host of medical ailments or to augment “wellness”.  Some have been subjected to placebo-controlled clinical studies; many have not.  Some medical practitioners ask if the fields emitted from such devices are truly “safe”.  Manufacturers of these devices are seeking help from us to learn what are the fields emanating from the devices they have created.  Some are seeking assistance to understand how and why they seem to work. Some are “imprinting” a signal of some kind into liquids – water, alcohol, saline or mineral solutions – that have had profound healing effects in humans and animals; some solutions have shown promise for use in agriculture.  Yet, it is unclear how these solutions have been altered. 


Faculty at the Materials Research Institute at Penn State, in collaboration with faculty at Arizona State University, the University of Arizona, and Hershey Medical Center, are beginning to investigate the effects of “healing energy” – whether from devices or actual healers – on physical materials (water, solutions, silicon, etc.), plants and cell cultures, thereby eliminating complications from placebo responses that cloud interpreting the effects on humans.  By examining the fields (electric, magnetic, acoustic) from devices and their effect on living systems and the materials comprising those living systems, we seek to gain a better understanding of these devices and how they may bring about healing or improved health in humans. 


Goal:  We seek to build a community of science professionals who are willing to take a closer look at the evidence for a new understanding of what constitutes “the human body” and what it takes to heal and enhance health from a magnetoelectric/energetic, rather than biochemical, perspective.  This investigation holds promise for applications outside of the realm of human health, including possible applications in agriculture, materials manufacturing and energy producing technologies.


With this symposium, we’d like to

  • become familiar with what key groups of individuals are working on/investigating;
  • become familiar with what has been done and the relevant scientific literature supporting that work, as well as with what has not been done that merits further investigation (e.g. significant clinical data suggesting that real “healing” is resulting from the use of a particular device, the mechanism for which is not understood);
  • consider next steps, desired outcomes, possible collaborations and strategies for achieving desired outcomes.




8:30am  - registration, morning refreshments, distribution of information



9:00 a.m.               Introduction to the Penn State “BMR” Program

                             Rustum Roy and Tania Slawecki


Overviews of the Status of the Field


a.  E & M Devices


9:30 a.m.               A Guide to the Presently Available E-M Devices

                             T. Valone


b.  Water


10:00 a.m.             The Structure of Water:  The Materials Research

                             Rustum Roy


10:30 a.m.             Short Break


Current Research by the PSU/ASU/U/A Group in BMR


10:45 a.m.             Melinda Connor, University of Arizona

11:15 a.m.             Dennis Clark,  Arizona State University

11:45 a.m.             Charles Palmer, Penn State University (Hershey)


12:05 p.m              Device Inventory and Categorization of those PSU/BMR

                             is working with

                             Tania Slawecki


12:10 p.m.             Subtle Energy Transducers and Implanters

                             Rustum Roy


Discussion at Large


12:15 p.m.             Lunch (Provided for those who registered for it)




Data from Other Institutions


1:30 p.m.               Status of Silver Colloids in Wound Healing

                             Bart Flick, M.D., Athens, Georgia




                             Short Presentations/demos by practitioners

                             (What is the device?  What is it said to “treat”/heal?                                       What is it capable of healing based on your experience                                  with it?  What is your understanding of how and why it                                       works?)


2:00 p.m.               The Vibe Machine

                             Jeff Webb, Pilot


2:15 p.m.               The Computron and the Light Beam Generator

                             Bartley Stein, Acupuncturist


2:45 p.m.               Multiwave Oscillator, Rife Instruments, Scenar Device

                             Dr. Julian Metter, Holistic psychology


3:30 p.m.               Short Break


Roundtable Discussion


3:45 p.m.               Roundtable discussion of reactions to the data, possible                                collaborations, outline of what we would like to                                             investigate, and strategies for getting there


5:15 p.m.               Dinner Break (on your own)


7:30 – 9:00 p.m.     Evening Social

                             Further information exchange and demos for those who                                 can/are willing to stay



Presenters / Topics


Prof. Rustum Roy (ounder, Materials Research Laboratory at Penn State; Evan Pugh Professor of The Solid State; Internationally-recognized materials scientist; visiting professor of medicine at the University of Arizona; visiting distinguished professor of materials at Arizona State University; )

Bios-Materials Research Thrust & Justification (Evidence) for why we are pursuing this – overview of data that defies understanding in the conventional scientific paradigm and a classification scheme for the many devices employed for healing purposes; Structure of Water.


Dr.Tania Slawecki (Research Associate at the Materials Research Institute; Assistant Professor of Science, Technology & Society in the College of Engineering at Penn State; )

Bios-Materials Research: Characterizing and categorizing electromagnetic and acoustic therapeutic devices – measuring the fields emitted from these devices and examining their effects on physical matter of biological relevance (e.g. water, saline solutions, mineral water, etc.)


Dr. Thomas Valone (Ph.D. and Professional Engineer; founder Integrity Research Institute ( ; author of Bioelectromagnetic Healing, and other relevant works)

An overview of electromagnetic devices – historical roots to present-day versions on the market and the current understanding of how such devices can have noninvasive therapeutic value to living things, especially human health.


Dr. Melinda Connor (Research Fellow in the Program in Integrative Medicine at the U. of Arizona, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; )

Projecting 2Hz healing energy at a distance to heal a paraplegic, documented via MRI scans; current research on the human energy field (Dr. Gary Schwartz’s work); summary of the biophoton work of Dr. Kathy Creath


Dr. Dennis Clark (Associate Professor of Plant Biology/Botany, Arizona State University)

Using plants as biomarkers for healing – studies to-date of the effects of electromagnetic “healing” devices on seeds and plants.


Dr. Charles Palmer  (MB ChB., Professor of Pediatrics & Chief Division of Newborn Medicine, Hershey Medical Center, )

The Integral Medicine initiative at Hershey; summary of Dr. John Neely’s initial research on the effect of energy and intention from “healers” on cancer cells


Dr. Bart Flick (M.D., Athens, GA; )

The enhancement of antibiotics and wound healing with colloidal silver


Practitioner Demonstrations:


Jeff Webb (pilot; ): The Vibe Machine


Bartley Stein (RAc Dipl Ac - acupuncturist): The Computron and the Light Beam Generator


Dr. Julian Metter (holistic psychology, ): Multiwave Oscillator, Rife Instruments, Scenar device, the Ondomed.



Symposium Registration Information


Please RSVP by Friday, August 13, 2004.  For each person attending, please respond by cutting & pasting the form below into e-mail and sending to  (Meredith Weber)




Professional Background (M.D. (specialty); PhD (field); alternative medicine training (D.O., N.D., etc.)):




Mailing address:



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____  Please count me in for the catered lunch ($10/person)

            [Note: lunch will include vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free selections]


____  I will need a parking permit (cost $4/car)


Payment will be accepted as cash or check at registration. 


Hotel Information for those coming in from out of town:


Days Inn, Pugh Street, State College PA  (814-238-8454) - $62/night 

When you make your reservation, please indicate you are a visitor attending a Symposium at Penn State


For directions to Penn State, information about other hotels in the area, and general visitor’s information, go to:


You will be coming to the Materials Research Laboratory on Hastings Road on the Penn State campus.  For those who are local, CATA bus service stops at University Drive and Hastings Road, and it is a short walk from there to the MRL building.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact Meredith Weber at 814-865-2610