A long-lived, Reptilian race of highly intelligent, highly telepathic, scholars. As a race they seem to hold scholars, and more specifically, historians, in the highest esteem, although other occupations are neither forbidden nor discriminated against. It is almost as if they have a racial mandate to investigate and document all forerunner remains found in the galaxy.

While they are scholarly to the extreme, they can, and will fight fiercely for their principles, families, and work.

Although never submitted to classification, one scholar places them somewhere between 8 and 9 on the sensitive scale. The race has produced several Tel-Ones, combination telepath and teleport and more only a step or two below that.

Humanoid, approximately 2.5 - 3 meters in height.
Four webbed fingers and toes.
Red head and neck frill of skin that extends when worried or excited.
slender tongue
yellow-gray body
yellow lips
gold forehead paint proclaims Issitti
While Zacathans appear and even play major roles in many of Norton's novels, none ever appear as the main character.

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