In Memorium

B e q u e s t

composed 1999

portrait of Lorraine StantonI'd like to think when life is done
  That I worked hard but had great fun
In helping people get to know
  About our Borough long ago.
Old Frackville Tales was just the start
  Of future plans dear to my heart.
So files and pictures -- an historian's treasure,
  Are set for research, reminiscing, and pleasure.



Index to Schuylkill County and its Residents [PDF]

Alphabetical Index to Names Listed in "Old Frackville Tales" Series by Lorraine Stanton [PDF]

Index to Images of America - Frackville, Vol. I and II [PDF]

Books by Lorraine Stanton

For book availability, contact the publisher (TOLL FREE: 1-888-313-2665); Arcadia Publishing direct links for online purchase: Vol I and Vol II

Images of America:  Frackville book coverImages of America: Frackville © 1997
[ISBN 0752408917 / ISBN 9780738587417 ]

Images of America:  Frackville Vol. 2 book coverImages of America: Frackville Vol. 2 © 1999
[ISBN 0738502057 / ISBN 9780738502052]