Frackville, Pennsylvania, Odds and Ends

Frackville, Pennsylvania, located in Schuylkill County, was chartered in 1876. A group of residents from Frackville and Mountain City had each petitioned to become a borough. The Grand Jury decided that the two areas should consolidate and become the borough of Frackville.

The following pages contain additional information regarding Frackville:

Anecdotes - Articles written about Frackville between 1890 and 1950

Businesses - Lists of businesses between 1875 and 1926 from the Boyd's Directory

Charter - Text of the Charter with names of signees

Map - 1875 map of Frackville

Mayors - Names of mayors from 1876 to the present

Old Timers - Articles written about prominent Frackville residents between 1893 and 1975

Postcards - Pictures of postcards from the Lorraine Stanton collection

Postmasters - Names of postmasters from 1875 to the present

Scenes - Photos of Frackville

Song - Frackville written by Emma Dreher Hoppes and Gertrude M. Tenenholz in 1939

Veterans - Lists of veterans from Frackville who died in the various wars

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