In Memorium

Lorraine Stanton,
Frackville historian,
born April 20, 1926-died January 8, 2019.

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September 2016

The Frackville Museum's Memory Lane Room opened in September 2016. It contains a Photo Shop with vintage cameras and local residents' pictures; the Ladies Emporium with vintage dresses, jewelry, and handbags; a Toy Shop with many classic toys; "Christmas All Year 'Round;" Vintage Treasures with hats, purses, gloves, and shoes; and a typical School Room made up of items from several schools, including a 1925 picture of George Washington and a teacher's desk from the 1930's. The school piano holds a photo of Miss Helen Everett, a local piano teacher, whose generous donation helped make the Memory Lane Room a reality.

Frackville's Museum offers residents and history lovers an opportunity to explore the town's past. The Museum Research Room is located in Room 122, the Sentimental Journey Room in Room 103, and The Memory Lane Room in Room 102 of the former Washington High School building, now the Borough Complex. The museum is opened once a month (April-December), usually on the second Sunday, from 1-4 p.m. However, out-of-town visitors can make an appointment by contacting either Kathy Kraft (570-874-3531).

NOTE: Please think of the Museum when planning your high school reunion. The Frackville Museum is a non-profit volunteer-run organization operating solely on donations. Some reunion groups, as well as some individuals, have made donations from their class or in memory of loved ones. Monetary donations can be sent to The Frackville Museum, Borough Complex, 42 S. Center St., Frackville PA 17931.

Photos below courtesy of Lorraine Stanton and Deborah Stanton Janov.
These pages courtesy of Deborah Stanton Janov.


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Cupboards and Centennial dresses
2016-The Photo Shop in the Memory Lane Room
Framed pictures
2016-The Ladies Emporium in the Memory Lane Room
Museum displays
2016-The Toy Shop in the Memory Lane Room
Lorraine Stanton files
2016-Charlie McCarthy doll in the Memory Lane Room Toy Shop
Cupboards and Centennial dresses
2016-Typical School Room in the Memory Lane Room
Cupboards and Centennial dresses
2016-Piano with Helen Everett's photo and Newspaper Reporter in the Memory Lane Room
Cupboards and Centennial dresses
2016-Vintage Treasures in the Memory Lane Room
Cupboards and Centennial dresses
2016-Christmas All Year Round in the Memory Lane Room

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