Frack and Balliet families were Frackville's pioneers

Mary Balliet Frack portrait Daniel Frack portrait
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Daniel and Mary Balliet Frack portrait portrait of 83-year-old Daniel Frack
Dan and Mary Frack in later years Daniel Frack, age 83
The picture on the right above was taken in 1886 when Daniel Frack, founder of Frackville, was 83 and blind. He died on November 7, 1890, at the age of 87. Mrs. Orf, great-granddaughter of Daniel Frack, remembers the garden of the Frack home, filled with fruit trees and flowers. They grew their own vegetables on their land and two fish ponds were located nearby. A story was related many times at family gatherings: Daniel was a very generous person. He donated land to several churches, schools, and cemeteries but when he died a lot had to be bought in a cemetery which he had donated.
portrait of the Frack family in 1886
Frack family pictured in 1886
photo of the Frack homestead in 1976
DANIEL FRACK HOMESTEAD. This is the home of the founder of Frackville at 119-121 North Balliet Street, as it looks today [1976] with great grandson, Jesse Frack standing at the gate. This home was built in 1861 and was demolished in May 2015.

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