Instructions for Personality Project

Psychology 438 - Fall 2012

Stage 2: Developmental Analysis

(due Thursday, October 11th)

Select three personality traits from your revised personality description (Stage 1) that you think distinguish you from most other people. From an informal analysis of your relatives and social environment, describe what you think is the relative impact of genetics and environment on these traits. What, if anything, do the more formal research findings presented by David C. Rowe (chapter 3 in the textbook; chapter 15 in the Handbook if you are interested) say about the heritability of these three traits? (To answer this question, you might need to figure out to which dimension of the Five Factor Model (FFM) the personality trait belongs.) If you cannot identify research findings on a particular trait or the FFM dimension to which it belongs, describe how you would design a behavior genetics study to reveal genetic and environmental influences on the trait.

Required Style for Stage 2 Writing

This paper should be word-processed in 12 pt. font. Microsoft Word is the word-processor I use, so if you also use MS Word you can save the file in standard .doc format. MS Word is usually able to read other formats such as WordPerfect, but if you use a word processor other than MS Word and want to make sure your file is readable, you should save it in Rich Text Format (.rtf). See your own word processor's instructions for saving in .rtf. The paper can be single- or double-spaced. Organizing the paper by sections and labeling the sections are extremely important, because a well-organized paper demonstrates clearly that you have addressed all aspects of the assignment.

You should provide for each section a heading (either centered or at the left margin) that stands out by using underlining, boldface font, or a larger font (look at the headings of the document you are now reading). You should subdivide your paper into three main sections, each dealing with one of the three traits. The headings for these main sections should be centered. Each main section should be divided into two subsections. The first subsection should cover your informal analysis of genetic and environmental influences. The second section should describe formal research results on the heritability of this trait, if available, or a description of a study that would determine the heritability of the trait. The minimum length of each subsection is one paragraph. There is no maximum length for the subsections, but they should present only information solicited by these instructions and not go off on irrelevant tangents.

Submission Procedure

After logging in to ANGEL at , submit your Stage 2 paper using the ANGEL drop-box procedure:

1. Select the "Lessons" tab.

2. Select the icon or name of the drop box labeled Drop Box for Second Set of Written Assignments.

3. Click the "Browse" button next to the "File to Upload" field, then locate the file on your local drive.

4. When the file is found, double-click the file name, or single-click the file name, then click the "Open" button in the dialogue box.

5. Type a descriptive name for the file in the "Title" field ("Personality Project Stage 2" would be a good choice).

6. Select the file type from the pull-down list.

7. Click the "OK" button.

Feedback will be given that the file has been successfully submitted. Click the "OK" button. Once returned to the drop box upload screen, you should select the link for the submitted file to make certain that it is viewable or accessible for downloading.