Psy 401 - Advanced Research Methods in Psychology [Personality]

Dr. John A. Johnson

Take-Home Essay Test 2




Submit your typed answers to each of the following questions either by email or in hard copy format.

  1. The hyperlink in this sentence will take you to a set of album ratings made by five professional music critics, Robert Christgau, Vic Garbarini, Nelson George, Dave Marsh, and Charles M. Young. The first row indicates whose ratings appear in which column according to each critic's initials. Save this file on your local machine, upload it to the mainframe, and calculate the reliability of the critics' ratings. (Don't forget to delete the first (header) row of the file before you run the analysis.)
    1. What is the alpha reliability of the critics' ratings? (15 points)
    2. Would you consider the reliability level to be acceptable? Explain. (10 points)
    3. Who is the worst rater? Cite results of your analysis to explain your answer. (10 points)
    4. Who is the best rater? Cite results of your analysis to explain your answer. (10 points)
  1. Explain why both Block and Hofstee say that observer evaluations are so important. (15 points)
  2. Describe three uses of the Q-sort method in personality research. (15 points)
  3. Explain how Kenneth Bowers's understanding of objectivity differs from a behaviorist's or situationist's view of objectivity, and then explain why he thinks the Q-sort methodology is so particularly well suited for making objective judgments about personality. (25 points)