Psy 401 - Advanced Research Methods in Psychology [Personality]

Dr. John A. Johnson

Take-Home Essay Test 1




Submit your typed answers to each of the following questions either by email or in hard copy format.

  1. Personality can be defined as the unique organization of characteristics that define an individual and determine that person's pattern of interactions with the environment. Answer the three questions below in light of this definition.
  1. Why is personality research (as opposed to behavioristically oriented research) particularly unsuited to typical experimental research designs and procedures? (9 points)
  2. How do personality researchers answer the behavioristic claim that the environment--not personality--controls behavior because people behave differently in different situations? (9 points)
  3. What would a personality researcher say about experiments that claim to explain how: (9 points)
  1. Contrast persona with core definitions of personality. (22 points)
  2. Contrast trait and type descriptions of personality. (25 points)
  3. Describe the three major kinds of personality research and the four major types of personality data collected in such research. (26 points)