Psy 401 - Advanced Research Methods in Psychology [Personality] Dr. John A. Johnson
Instructions for Lab 1  

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  1. To become aware of recently published personality research through reading abstracts and skimming articles.
  2. To understand the different expectations for personality research across editors and journals.
  3. To develop an appreciation for the usefulness of numbers and statistics in research.
  4. To recognize the value of computer-assisted library searches


Read abstracts, and, if necessary to complete the tasks in this lab, skim through articles from the following journals:

This can be done either through computer access to a library or reading the actual journals in a library. Your task is to locate two articles that represent each of the three major categories of articles: Conceptual, Methodological, and Empirical. One article is to come from an American Journal (JPSP, JP, JRP, PSPB, JPA) and one article from a European journal (EJP, PID). Make six copies of the Journal Article Assessment Form and complete them for the articles you located.

Please answer the following two questions and attach your answers to the six completed Journal Article Assessment Forms when you hand them in.

  1. Did one kind of article (conceptual, methodological, empirical) seem to predominate in each of the journals? Explain.
  2. Do the American and European personality journals differ in orientation? Explain.