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Psychology 201W, Spring 2002


Dr. John A. Johnson

Lab assignment #3: Naturalistic observation project

Due in lab, Friday, February 8. This assignment is worth 20 points.

For this project, we will replicate a study by Jenni (1976) on sex differences in carrying behavior. The hypothesis is that male and female college students differ in the methods that they use to carry books. We expect to observe three major methods:

  • Type I: One or both arms are wrapped around the books, with the short edges of the books supported against the hip or in front of the body. 
  • Type II: Books are pinched from above or supported from below by the hand or by the hand and arm. Carrying books in a bag or pack by the handle (like a suitcase) is also an example of Type II. 
  • Other: Any carrying method that cannot be classified as Type I or II.

Instructions. Choose an indoor location that provides an opportunity to observe a number of students carrying books. We will be using a version of quota sampling -- you should continue your observation until you have observed 10 females and 10 males carrying books using the Type I or Type II methods. For each individual that you observe, mark the appropriate box in the table below (you should finish with 10 tallies for Type I and II combined in each column). In addition to completing the table, be sure to indicate the exact location, date, and time at which you made your observations. Also, take notes on any particular problems in making your observations, any noteworthy observations not captured by the coding (for example, carrying methods that are not included), and so on. 





Type I



Type II







Location, date, and time of observation:



     Jenni, M. A. (1976). Sex differences in carrying behavior. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 43, 323-330.