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Psychology 201W, Spring 2002


Dr. John A. Johnson

Lab Assignment #2 (Due in lab, Friday, February 1)

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with practice in identifying independent and dependent variables and experimental hypotheses. The questions are based on an article by Ortiz and Johnson (1991); a copy of that article is attached to this assignment sheet. This assignment is worth 25 points.

1. This article actually describes two studies. One is a true experiment and the other is a correlational study. Identify the independent variable in the experiment and describe the different levels of the independent variable. (6 points)


2. Identify the two dependent variables in the experimental portion of the article and describe the operational definitions for the two variables. (8 points)


3. In addition to the impact of the independent variable, the investigators checked for the possible influence of two other nominal variables on the dependent measures. They did not manipulate the level of these two other influences (because it was impossible to do so). Identify these two nominal variables. (6 points)


4. For the correlational aspect of the study (described by the authors as the "main purpose" of the study, identify the independent variable and its operational definition. (5 points)


Ortiz, J. M., & Johnson, J. A. (1991). Philosophical worldview determines attitudes toward using
background music before, during, and after counselling. Psychology of Music, 19, 159-163.