Anasazi Indian Village State Park (Boulder, UT) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: pueblo of 87 currently-excavated rooms, occupied from about A.D. 1050 - 1200. Access: $1.50 admission. On Utah road 12. Open 8am-6pm May-Sept., 8am-5pm rest of year. Information: Phone 801-335-7308.

Butler Wash Ruins {Anasazi} (southeastern Utah) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: cliff dwelling Access: located along SR 95, 10.7 miles west of its intersection with SR 191. A 1 mile loop trail leads to the ruins overlook. Information:

Canyonlands National Park{Anasazi} (near Moab, UT) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: many small ruins plus pictographs sites Access: Paved roads lead into the Park from SR 211, north of Monticello, NM, and from SR 313, north of Moab. The only other access to the Park is by jeep trails. Most of the ruins are along the canyon bottom and are only accessable by jeep trail, by floating down the Colorado/Green Rivers, or by hiking down. Roadside Ruin is near the road through the Needles District. Salt Canyon and Ruin Park have ruins (also Needles District). Fine pictographs panels are visible in the Maze and in Horseshoe Canyon (aka Barrier Canyon). Entrance fee $4/vehicle or $2/person.
Information: Visitor Centers (in each district) or Moab Chamber of Commerce Tourist Info Office. Contact Superintendent, Canyonlands National Park, 125 W. 200 South, Moab, UT 84532. Phone 435-259-7164.

Edge of the Cedars State Park {Anasazi} (Blanding, UT) [***] Principal Ruins: 6 residential and ceremonial complexes inhabited 750 - 1200 A.D.
Access: $1.50 admission. Just of U.S. Hwy 191.
Information: Museum. Phone 435-678-2238/3392.

Grand Gulch Primative Area {Anasazi} (southeastern Utah) [** NPE] Principal Ruins: Junction Ruin, Turkey Pen Ruin, Round House, Banister Ruins, Green Mask Site, FBI Panel, the Big Man Panel, others
Access: Permits available from the Bureau of Land Management's Kane Gulch Ranger Station on SR 261, 6 miles south of that highway's intersection with SR 95. Ruins accessable only to hikers, backpackers, or horseback riders.
Information: Phone 435-587-2141.

Hovenweep National Monument {Anasazi} [***] Principal Ruins: 6 sets of ruins: Square Tower Ruins and Cajon Ruins in Utah, and the Holly, Hackberry Canyon, Cutthroad Castle, and Goodman Point in Colorado.
Access: No entrance fee. The Monument Headquarters is at the Square Tower area in Utah and is accessible by exiting U.S. Hwy 163 onto Utah Road 262 midway between Blanding and Bluff and continuing 14 miles to Hatch Trading Post and then 16 miles over non-paved roads to Square Tower. The Square Tower area involves a 2 mile circular hike around the canyon rim. Other areas are nearby (within 5 miles), but are not marked by signs on the road. Directions should be obtained from a Ranger at the Headquarters/Ranger Station.
Information: Contact: Superintendent, Hovenweep National Monument, McElmo Route, Cortez, CO 81321. Phone 970-749-0510.

Mule Canyon and Cave Tower Ruins {Anasazi} (southeastern Utah) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: Mule Canyon Pueblo (12 rooms, 2 kivas, a 2-story tower), Cave Tower Ruins (6 small towers plus small cliff dwellings)
Access: located along SR 95, 16 miles east of Natural Bridges National Monument and 20 miles west of the intersection of SR 95 with US Hwy 191. The turnoff to Cave Tower Ruins is .7 miles east of the Mule Canyon exit.

Natural Bridges National Monument {Anasazi} (southeastern Utah) [*] Principal Ruins: Horsecollar Ruins, several other small cliff dwellings and pictograph sites.
Access: located along I-95, 26 miles east of Fry Canyon andd 42 miles west of Blanding, UT. Several ruins located along White Canyon trail. Entrance fee $3/vehicle or $1/person.
Information: Visitor Center. Contact Superintendent, Natural Bridges National Monument, Box 1, Lake Powell, UT 84533. Phone 435-259-5174.

Sand Island Petroglyph Site {Anasazi} (2 mi. w of Bluff, Utah) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: hundreds of petroglyphs Access: located along a cliff bordering the San Juan River 2 miles west of Bluff, on US Hwy 163.

San Juan River Ruins {Anasazi} (southeastern Utah) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: many small ruins and petroglyphs? Access: not accessable by car. Arrange raft or canoe trip through outfitters in Bluff and Mexican Hat, UT. In particular, try Wild Rivers Expeditions (800-422-7654) or Recapture Lodge (435-672-2281) in Bluff. Also, the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center (800-422-8975) arranges river-rafting trips for its members.

Three Kiva Ruins {Anasazi} (in Montezuma Canyon in southeastern Utah) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: Three Kiva Pueblo (14 rooms occupied 1000-1300 AD) Access: located along Montezuma Canyon Road about 15 miles north of Hatch Trading Post and 23 miles south of the road's intersection with US Hwy 163, south of Monticello.

Westwater Ruin {Anasazi} (near Blanding, UT) [* NPE] Principal Ruins: Westwater Pueblo (13 ground-level rooms, 5 kivas) Access: Follow US Hwy 191 south of Blanding for a mile and then turn right on County Road 232 and continue 2 miles to the ruins overlook.

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