David A. Latzko

Associate Professor of Economics                                                                   http://www.yk.psu.edu/~dxl31
Business and Economics Division                                                                   Office tel.: (717) 771-4115
Pennsylvania State University, York Campus                                                  Fax.: (717) 771-4062
1031 Edgecomb Avenue                             ;                                                    E-mail: dlatzko@psu.edu
York, PA


Ph.D. in Economics, University of Maryland, 1992
M.A. in Economics, University of Maryland, 1992
A.B., University of Michigan, 1985



Regional Macroeconomics, Pennsylvania Economic History



Associate Professor, Business and Economics Division, Pennsylvania State University, York Campus, 2004-present

Assistant Professor, Business and Economics Division, Pennsylvania State University, York Campus, 1998-2004.

Courses Taught

Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
Principles of Economics

Assistant Professor, Department of Business and Economics, Wilkes University, 1993-1998.

Courses Taught

Principles of Economics I and II
Money and Banking
Intermediate Macroeconomics
International Trade and Finance
Environmental Economics
Intermediate Microeconomics
Managerial Statistics
Introduction to Business, Society, and Public Policy (team taught)
Social Studies in Early Childhood and Elementary Education (team taught)

summary of teaching evaluations



Penn State York Advisory Board, Mutual Fund Economies of Scale: A Longitudinal Study, 1993-2011, 2012, $285.

BSI Gamma Foundation, "Mutual Fund Expenses: An Econometric Investigation", 2002, $6,000.

Commonwealth College Research Development Grant, "The Pennsylvania Economy", 1998, $480.




       Economic History

“The Geographic Concentration of Economic Activity Across the Eastern United States, 1820-2010”, Journal of Historical Geography 41, July 2013, pp. 66-81.

"The Concept of 'Military Economies of Scale'", Explorations in Economic History 30(4), October 1993, pp. 470-484.

       The Pennsylvania Economy

“Coal Mining and Regional Economic Development in Pennsylvania, 1810-1980”, Economies et Societes, Serie << Histoire economique quantitative >> AF(4), September 2011, pp. 1627-1649.

“York County's Manufacturing Economy in 1810”, Journal of York County Heritage, September 2010, pp. 23-29.

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"Industry Mix, Wages, and the Divergence of County Income in Pennsylvania", Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies 13(2), July 2001, pp. 110-122.

"Correlates of County Per Capita Income Growth in Pennsylvania", Pennsylvania Economic Review 10(1), Spring 2001, pp. 80-87.

       Pennsylvania Political Economy

“The Disenfranchisement of Black Pennsylvanians in the 1838 State Constitution: Racism, Politics, or Economics? - A Statistical Analysis”, Commonwealth: A Journal of Political Science 16(1), September 2013, pp. 1-20.

Home Rule and the Size of County Government in Pennsylvania, Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy 38(1), 2008, p. 89-96.


"Economic Conditions and Japanese and Japanese Tourism to Hawaii", Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research 10(2), June 2005, pp. 151-156.

"Tourism and Fluctuations in the Hawaiian Economy", Journal of Tourism Studies 15(2), December 2004, pp. 67-72.

       Mutual Fund Industry

"Economies of Scale in Mutual Fund Administration", Journal of Financial Research 22(3), Fall 1999, pp. 331-339.


Book Reviews

Dianne E. Wenger, A Country Storekeeper in Pennsylvania: Creating Economic Networks in Early America, 1790-1807, in Pennsylvania History 77(4), Autumn 2010, pp. 508-511.

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John J. Audley, Green Politics and Global Trade: NAFTA and the Future of Environmental Politics, in Choice 35(6), February 1998.

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Michael R. Smith, Power, Norms, and Inflation: A Skeptical Treatment, in American Journal of Sociology 99(2), September 1993, pp. 497-498.


Other Publications

Review of "EconData.net", in Choice 38(Sup), August 2001.

Review of "Economagic: Economic Time Series Page <http://www.economagic.com>", in Choice 37(9), May 2000.

"Thomas Schelling's dissent from the narrow scope of economics" in Richard P.F. Holt and Steven Pressman, eds., Economics and its Discontents: Twentieth Century Dissenting Economists, Cheltenham, England: Edward Elgar, 1998, pp. 226-242.

"For world, and Wilkes-Barre, global warming can go either way", Citizens' Voice, December 5, 1997, p. 33 (also appeared in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader December 8, 1997, p. 10A).

"Free trade benefits us locally, globally", Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, September 30, 1997, p. 8A.

"Kenneth Boulding", Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 139(1), March 1995, pp. 69-72.



Eastern Economic Association Meetings (presenter 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, & 2005; discussant in 1998, 1999, 2000, & 2005).

Pennsylvania Economic Association Meetings (presenter in 1997, 1998,1999, 2001, 2003, & 2013; discussant in 1997, 2003, & 2013).

Pennsylvania Political Science Association Annual Conference (presenter 2005 & 2009).

Academy of Business Research Conference, Fall 2023 (presenter)./P>

2012 Appalachian Studies Conference (presenter).

2002 BSI Gamma Foundation Conference on "Mutual Funds", Zurich, Switzerland (presenter).

2001 CEPR/JFI Symposium at INSEAD, "Institutional Investors and Financial Markets: New Frontiers" (presenter and discussant).



Chair, Faculty Scholarship of Research and Creative Activities Award, Penn State York, 2015.
Member of Sabbatical Review Committee, University College, Penn State, 2014.
External Reviewer, Promotion and Tenure Committee, Bowling Green State University Firelands, 2014.
Elected to Campus Promotion and Tenure Committee, Penn State York, 2013-2014, 2015-2016.
Member of Chancellor Search Committee, Penn State York, 2012.
Co-Chair of Academic and Student Issues Committee, Penn State York, 2014-2016.
Member of Academic and Student Issues Committee, Penn State York, 2012-2013.
Member of Nominating Committee, Campus Senate, Penn State York, 2010-2012.
Chair, Campus Senate, Penn State York, 2010-2011.
Elected to Chair-Elect of Campus Senate, Penn State York, 2009-2010.
Disciplinary Reviewer, Promotion and Tenure Committee, Penn State Lehigh Valley, 2010.
Disciplinary Reviewer, Promotion and Tenure Committee, Penn State Hazleton, 2009.
Professional Development Grant Selection Committee, Penn State York, 2008 and 2009.
Member of Nominating Committee, Campus Senate, Penn State York, 2010-2012.
Chair of Faculty Affairs Committee, Penn State York, 2006-2009.
Member of Faculty Affairs Committee, Penn State York, 2005-present.
Presentation to Lancaster County Government Study Commission, 2007.
Member of Commonwealth College Business and Economics Division Promotion and Tenure Review Committee, 2005.
Member of Ad Hoc Campus Senate Constitution Revision Committee, Penn State York, 2004.
Member of Honors Committee, Penn State York, 2004-present.
Elected to Strategic Planning Committee, Penn State York, 2002-2003.
Member of Campus Futures Committee, Penn State York, 2001.
Elected to Secretary, Campus Senate, Penn State York, 2000.
Member of Curricular Affairs Committee, Penn State York, 2000.
Member of Academic Affairs Committee, Penn State York, 1998-1999.
Member of Commonwealth College Business Division Grade Adjudication Committee, 2000.
Member of Information Technology Committee, Penn State York, 1999.
Business faculty search committees, Penn State York, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2008, 2009 (chair), and 2013.
IST faculty search commiittee, Penn State York, 2014.
Member of Advisory Board Grant Review Panel, Penn State York, 1999, 2005, and 2013.
Chair of Advisory Board Grant/Pullo Review Panel, Penn State York, 2006 and 2007.
Peer teaching evaluator (for promotion and tenure), Penn State York, 3 evaluations.
Peer teaching evaluator (part-time instructors), Penn State York, 8 evaluations.
Peer teaching evaluator (full-time faculty), Penn State York, 4 evaluations.
Honors option project supervisor, Penn State York, 30 students.

Elected to the Academic Standards Committee, Wilkes University, 1996-1998.
Elected to the Core/Honors Review Committee, Wilkes University, 1995-1998.
Member of Teacher Education Committee, Wilkes University, 1995-1998.
Searches for new appointment in Business and Economics, Wilkes University, 1996 and 1997.
Consultant to School to Careers project, Wilkes University, 1997.
Grade Appeal Committees, Wilkes University, 1993 and 1994.
Member of Business & Economics Department Curriculum Committee, Wilkes University, 1993-1994.
Freshman Advisor, Wilkes University, 1997.
Advisor, Economics Students Association, Wilkes University, 1994-1998.
Advisor, MBA Students Association, Wilkes University, 1993-1995.


Manuscript Referee

Global Finance Journal, 2010
Eastern Economic Journal, 2008
Routledge Press, 2008
Journal of Banking and Finance, 2006.
Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies, 2005.
Contemporary Economic Policy, 2004.
Journal of Economics and Business, 2003.
Review of Political Economy, 2003.
Financial Review, 2002.
Journal of Applied Business Research, 2002.
Journal of Comparative Economics, 1994.

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