How'd He Do That?

Man scratching chin.

by Brett Bixler


These pages are a work in progress. Their purpose is to illustrate how I created some of the more difficult things in my BoE scenarios. I'm not saying that these examples are the best or most efficient ways to accomplish the task; just that this is how I did it.

Also, instead of using the traditional line-by-line description for each node, I've decided to use a flowchart paradigm to illustrate code chunks. Visually-oriented people seem to enjoy this method. I hope you do as well.

The Code Chunks

Setting up a series of quests.

From Quests of the Spheres, see how I set Jarl to give the party their first two missions.

Drowning the Party

From Destiny of the Spheres, Hydro's Fount, see how I simulate underwater adventure.

More to come...

Graphic Techniques

In Your Face

Creating & Using Facial Graphics in BoE!

Mac vs. PC Graphics Sheets

How to do it.

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