Mac vs. PC Graphics in BoE -
How to Adjust Your BoE Graphics for Both Platforms


Monitors vary in the brightness of their displays, known as the gamma value. An average gamma setting for Mac monitors is 1.8 gamma while that for an average PC is 2.5 gamma.

Thus, graphics that look OK on a PC will look pale and insipid on a Mac monitor and what looks correct on a Mac will be visibly too dark on a PC monitor.

PC Graphic Mac Graphic


So, whatever platform you develop your BoE graphics on, you should provide the user with two sets of graphics; one for each platform with the gamma value adjusted for that platfrom.

Translating the Gamma Value of a Mac Graphic to a PC Graphic

Many programs exist for the Macintosh that will do this. In this example GraphicConverter 2.5 is used. This is a shareware program available at

1. Open the image in GraphicConverter.  
2. Choose "Brightness/Contrast" from the Picture menu.
3. Click on the "Connect Bars" checkbox.
4. Move the "Brightness:Red" slider ~+45.  
5. Click on the "OK" button.  
6. Fix any "white" graphics.

You may have changed some light-colored graphics white - a bad thing! In the example above, notice how the skull turned from light yellow to white? In reality, you only need to change terrain, not monsters, but this graphics program will change the entire sheet. Other programs, like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro will allow you to change only the portion of the sheet you need to.

If you have terrain or monsters that do turn white, you'll need to touch them up and replace the white with some other light color. Otherwise, any white portion will show up in BoE as transparent. This may be a neat effect if you want it, but normally you don't.

7. Save the file as "ScenarioName.bmp," where ScenarioName is the actual name of your scenario.  
8. You're done!  


Translating the Gamma Value of a PC Graphic to a Mac Graphic

Many programs exist for the PC that will do this.

1. Open the graphic.
2. Adjust the brightness by -45. (This may vary from program to program. To determine an exact adjustment, you may have to initially take a PC image and its Mac "twin" and compare them while doing the adjusting to determine the exact adjustment needed.)
3. This will darken the entire image, and unfortunately turn the white "background" to a dull grey. You have to select this grey and remove it, restoring the background to white. If your graphics program has a "magic Wand" tool, it should allow you to select the gray and delete it.
4. Save the image as "ScenarioName.bmp," where ScenarioName is the actual name of your scenario.

If anyone has a specific example you want to show here, e-mail it to me and I'll add it to this document.

Creating the .meg File for Macintosh Computers

You need the ResEdit 2.1.3 software to do this and a Macintosh computer. ResEdit is available at

1. Copy the graphics sheet to the clipboard.  
2. Open Resedit and create a new document. Name the document "ScenarioName.meg," where ScenarioName is the actual name of your scenario.  
3. Paste the graphics sheet into the new document.  
4. Double-click on the "Pict" icon.
5. Choose "Get Resource Info" from the Resource Menu.
6. Change the ID to 1.
7. Close the window and save the file.