MOU 2017

Mathematical Outing for Undergraduates, an event sponsored by the Department of Mathematics at Penn State, will take place during the weekend of 4/15-4/16 and is now seeking participants.

The outing will be held in the civil engineering lodge at the Stone Valley Recreation Area of Penn State University, about 13 miles from State College, from the morning of Sat 4/15, to the afternoon of Sun 4/16. The current plan is that 10-15 undergraduate students (preferably advanced math major/minor students) will participate.

Practical information

The theme of the outing will be "Interval Exchange Transformations and SL(2,R)-actions on moduli spaces", which belongs to the fields of dynamical systems and Teichmuller theory. Participants will be required to read relevant materials and make 1-hour presentations during the retreat. There will be 6-8 presentations, and each of them can be made by either 1 or 2 students.

Each presentation will be based on the reading of <20 pages of material. The preparation for the presentations will be supervised by faculty mentors, Adam Kanigowski and Zhiren Wang, during the weeks before the outing.

Two main texts that we plan to use are the following lecture notes:
M. Viana: 
J.-C. Yoccoz:

Please contact me at before Wed 3/22 if you wish to register as a participant.