Educational Experience

IST 110- Information, People, and Technology
The use, analysis, and design of information systems and technologies to organize, coordinate, and inform human enterprises.


IST 111S- Seminar in Information Sciences and Technology
Introduction to academic requirements, career planning, and information literacy for students majoring in the School of Information Sciences and Technology.

IST 210- Organization of Data
Introduction to concept of databases, including the storage, manipulation, evaluation, and display of data, and related issues.

IST 220- Networking and Telecommunications
Introduction to digital network topologies; transmission media, signal modulation, digital packet switching and routing, systems integration, communications management, and security.

IST 250- New Media and the Web
Introduction to how the World Wide Web utilizes emerging technologies. Students acquire conceptual understanding of constructing Web sites.

IST 260W- Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
Introduction to systems analysis and design, stressing the process of requirements acquisition, specification, design, and implementation.

IST 295A- Distributed Team Project
Supervised experience in which student teams work on information system design projects gathered from industry or units within the University.

CAS 100B- Effective Speech

CMPSC 101- Introduction to C++ Programming

ENGL 015- Rhetoric and Composition

ENGL 202D- Effective Writing: Business Writing

ACCT 211- Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making

B A 250- Problems of Small Business

ECON 002- Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy

MATH 021- College Algebra I

MKTG 220- Personal Selling

MGMT 321- Leadership and Motivation

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