Adding Radio Buttons to MS Word 2010

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To add radio buttons and checkboxes you must enable the "Developer" tab.

For the remainder of this tutorial, the term "option button" will be used instead of "radio button."

To add the Developer tab to the ribbon:

  1. Open Microsoft Word 2010.
  2. In the upper left corner, click "File" - "Options"

  3. In the Word Options dialog box that appears, select Customize Ribbon.

  4. Click the check box next to Developer under the "Customize the Ribbon" box.

  5. Click OK.

The Developer tab now appears in the Microsoft Windows 2010 ribbon.

To insert option buttons into an MS Word document:

1. Click the Developer tab.

2. In the Controls group, click the Design Mode button.

Note: you want the Design Mode button enabled. When it is enabled, it is highlighted in orange.

3. In the Controls group, click the Legacy Tools button.

Tip: When you click the Legacy Tools button, if you have not already clicked the Design Mode button, the Design Mode button will now be enabled.

4. Under Active X Controls, click Option Button.

Result: An option button now appears in the MS Word document.

5. Hover your cursor inside the option button, right click, and point to OptionButton Object, and click Edit.

Result: the colour of the option button changes, which indicates that you can now edit the text.

6. Use the left arrow backspace key on your keyboard to delete the default text, and change the text to suit your preference.

Tip: if the text you want to add exceeds the default size of the option button text box, click on the black square on the right side of the box so that a double sided arrow appears, and drag to the right.

7. Click outside the option button.

8. Click the Design Mode button so that it is disabled.

The radio button is now active--i.e., you can click it and a dark circle will appear inside, indicating that it is the option that you have selected. Add as many more option boxes as you like, and preface the series of options with a question, statement, or instructions.

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