Here's what you'll need to do to get the most value out of this course.

Ask questions

Asking questions isn't as easy as it sounds.

Where to ask questions:

Work together

The pandemic makes working together trickier, but UH's license with Google gives us access to shared spaces using Google Meet.

Don't spend all of your time working together.

Read the textbook

Work on WebAssign

WebAssign is a good way to see where your weak spots are because it gives you instant feedback.

Work on textbook problems

Based on the weak spots you've identified while working on WebAssign, do additional textbook problems in those areas.

Post solutions on Piazza

For each textbook section, you should write up a solution to one exercise in that section.

How to pick a problem:

How to post a problem (before you've written a solution):

How to write a solution:


Other things to do on Piazza

Give yourself enough time