Eggbeater Kick

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So, we read the history of water polo last week. But, how do players stay up 8 -10 feet deep water for hours?

The eggbeater kicking, also called treading, is a highly refined and efficient method of treading water. It involves the swimmer in a "sitting position" in the water. The swimmer's back must be straight, knees bent so that the thighs are parallel to the surface of the water, and lower legs perpendicular to the surface.

It takes a long time to master the eggbeater kicking. Players sometimes have to hold weights(5-50 lbs) above their head while treading water during practices.

The left foot makes a clockwise motion while the right leg makes a counterclockwise motion towards the axis of the body. The legs should never meet because when one foot is on the inside of the motion, the other should be on the outside. However, treading water comes from how much you practice and get used to it.

Since the players are not allowed to touch the bottom, they have to tread water while holding the ball in one hand. They come up until their suits are shown above the surface and shoot the ball with the speed of 30-50mph. (It really hurts when the ball hits your face.)

Try this when you get to be in the deep water. It takes time and you will get frustrated, but after a while you will know how easy it is 7_8_eggbeater_kick.jpgto stay up in the deep water.

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